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Warhammer Forge Arrives!!!!

Courtesy of Forge Worlds Newsletter.

Hi There,
Welcome to the very first Warhammer Forge Newsletter! We’re excited to announce that three brand-new kits are available to pre-order now in this very plague-ridden first newsletter. We also introduce the model design team and share our plans for Warhammer Forge.

All future Warhammer Forge Newsletters will be sent alongside our Forge World Newsletters so you don’t need to lift a finger to ensure that you stay up-to-date on this fantastic new range!

Ead Brown

Warhammer Forge: The Beginning of the Future
Warhammer Forge was first unveiled at Games Day UK back in September 2010, and since then we have been busily adding to the fantastic selection of models that were displayed at the NEC.

We have put together a dedicated Warhammer Forge model design team, who have been hard at work sculpting a range of finely-detailed resin kits to add depth and breadth to the existing Warhammer Fantasy Battle range. These miniatures will be accompanied by a series of lavish expansion books that will explore the darkest corners of the Warhammer World.

The Warhammer Forge team is lead by Mark Bedford, whose Plague Toad Set is the first pre-order in this Newsletter. The other designers in the team are:Steve Whitehead, whose Bile Trolls are the second of this Newsletter’s releases; Edgar Skomoroswki, the latest addition to the Warhammer Forge studio, and whose first projects will be unveiled in forthcoming newsletters, and finally Keith Robertson, who is responsible for the third pre-order kit in this week’s Newsletter: the Plague Ogres.

Mark, Steve, Edgar and Keith are joined by writer Alan Bligh, who is currently finishing the first Warhammer Forge book, Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, which will complete Rick Priestley’s first draft. This tome will be the first in a series of Warhammer Forge expansions, and as you can see from the fantastic cover art, The Throne of Chaos promises to be a dark and sinister exploration of the bloody path that leads to the Dark Gods’ ultimate reward.

The Warhammer Forge range can be found alongside Forge World’s existing Warhammer Monsters and Terrain here, and you can order side-by-side with our Warhammer 40,000 and Specialist Games resin kits.

Warhammer Forge New Releases Available to Pre-Order Now:
Without further ado, here are the very first Warhammer Forge releases, all of which are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 31st of January.

Nurgle Plague Toads Set
Nurgle Plague ToadsPlague Toads, also called Rot-Eaters and Sewer-Kin, are mutated, pseudo-amphibian sacs of brackish filth and pus whose wide maws can swallow a man whole. Plague Toads are drawn to places of disease and decay, and in such places those versed in the lore of the Plague Father can summon these daemon-vermin and bind them to their will.
Plague Toads Set, sculpted by Mark Bedford, contains three different resin Plague Toads, each of which is hideously detailed.

A unit of Plague Toads may be taken as part of any Daemons of Chaos or Warriors of Chaos army, and you can download these experimental rules from the early draft of Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos to allow you to use these beasts in your games of Warhammer.

Nurgle Bile Trolls Set
Nurgle Bile TrollsBile Trolls were tainted in ancient days by consuming the rancid corpses of a defeated Nurgle-worshipping horde, and now suffer a twisted, hellish existence; poised in an eternal struggle between the formidable regenerative powers of their unnatural metabolism and the most potent plague-gifts of the Rot-Lord.
Bile Troll Set, sculpted by Steve Whitehead, contains three unique Bile Trolls. Each of these full resin monsters boasts a nauseating array of Chaotic detail. The heads and left arms of these hulking brutes are fully interchangeable, allowing a range of different poses and combinations.

The Bile Trolls can be used in any Warriors of Chaos army, and as an exclusive advance preview of what is to come in Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, we’ve managed to acquire these experimental rules, courtesy of Alan Bligh.

Nurgle Plague Ogres Set
Nurgle Plague OgresPlague Ogres are vile and malformed hulks: their natural resistance to mutation is completely overcome by the pox-ridden favours of their foul patron.
Plague Ogres Set, sculpted by Keith Robertson, is a full resin kit containing three individual Plague Ogres, armed with a variety of deadly weaponry and riddled with cankerous mutations. The heads and weapons of these Ogres are fully interchangeable across the three different bodies that are supplied.

The Plague Ogres are perfect for use in any Warriors of Chaos army as a unit of Ogres with the Mark of Nurgle, and will also feature in the forthcoming Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos book.

More Warhammer Forge Releases Coming Soon…
Forthcoming Warhammer Forge releases will encompass everything from gargantuan monsters such as Bubelos the Toad Dragon, to devastating war machines including the ‘Marienburg’ Land Ship, as well as a range of unique special characters such as Kyzak the Befouled to infantry upgrade kits, of which the elite Blades of Mannan are but one example. We’ll be bringing you more details of all these fantastic miniatures in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox for the next Warhammer Forge Newsletter!

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Pretty cool, however its not lost on me or anyone else that Nurgle is absolutely one of the worst choices for play in 8th edtion...bad timing I'd say. Bring on the Empire!!!


monkeymannate said...

those bile trolls just scream chaos trolls.

Anonymous said...

I play pure Nurgle theme warriors of chaos and I find that Nurgle works just fine.

While currently these new models are beyond my price range I hope to get some of them over the year.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Thanks Eryx, I should have been clear I was referring to Plaguebearers and other DoC Nurgle @initiative 1 when it came to 8th playability...these models
are all splendid for WoC Nurgle themed armies...Initiative 5 for the win!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that these units are going to have special rules ala the WH40k equivalent. They do give some great models for those who want to do various chaos armies.

I am generally with you on the plaugebearer thing, John, but it seems that there are some people in the UK tournament scene who have made the Nurgle(mostly nurgle) armies work. On paper they don't look that great compared to Khorne, or Tzeentch. Maybe enough regen and poison really add up in the game. I bet they are a hard army to do well with none the less.

John@Plastic Legions said...

I be real interested to hear how they are getting imitative 1 to work
I've got 30 metal PB for my DoC army and last time I played Jeff, they got wiped off the table in a couple rounds against a horde of Empire swordsmen! used to be you could never get rid of the damn things in they just dont have the staying power to make up for always going last. there is probably some Item/magic combo I wasnt seeing, as I never play Demons...I'd like nurgle to work...I'd grab these frogs to run as a proxy for Juggs or something
that's be cool.


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