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Adepticon 2011- WFB Championships

Adepticon -2011 Warhammer Fantasy Championships

Well, no huge write up this year. Unfortunately this is just never my event for a variety of reasons, This year my crappy play it is 100% directed me being woefully unprepared for 8th edition at a competitive level such as this. While my army looked good on paper it wasn't so good in practice. That and some seriously comical luck brought me a whopping 0-3-1 finish playing my 4th game on the last table..that's a first for me.

all these pics are just things I liked. some amazing, some solid, just a fun random army sample.

On the good side, all 4 my opponents Derek, Lance, Brad and Mike were righteous dudes and using my usual personal scoring of Fun, Sports, and Comp all these guys were 5/5/5 (5 being Max). Sometimes the black cloud just follows you, after the ridiculous end of my second game..I just gave up started drinking and went along for ride and had a good time. I did find out later I was tied with 5 other guys for best sportsman and my soft scores were maxed so despite my miserable record..I still finished pretty good considering my record,

My Games broke down like this:

Game 1 Vs Lizards- Slann w/ huge temple guard Bunker, Scar Vet, huge Saurus Bunker, 4 Sallies in 2 units and a bunch of Skinks filling out the rest. I had the Flaggies in the front and Stank in the Flank of the Slann/ Tguard and couldn't bust them, if you cant do that, thats all Empires got, not being able to break either bunker left all the points on the table and I lost on points..fair enough. 0-1

Game 2 vs O&G - Well rounded list, 6 warmachines was only hard first turn, after that three were done, I was up most of this game until "boxcars" on an overrun after taking down a big unit of savage orcs put my General and Wizard's unit exposed flank to a horde unit of biguns with double choppers and a killy BSB. IF I had rolled a even an "11" I would have been ok, I had set up for a Front and Flank Charge with my Flaggies. the worst dice roll possible at the worst time started a chain reaction that caused my whole army to fold. bummer 0-2

Game 3 Vs High Elves- I started hitting the jack and cokes with my opponent and new buddy Brad, I killed his General and one of his Wizards early and thought it was an easy victory, however even shot up Swordmasters in 8th are filthy and hot dice streak had them and his White Lions rip me a proverbial new one..a big Searing Doom took the stank out. and I was basically tabled with only my Wizard on the table at the end of the game and he still had the Lions and Swordmasters. Pretty good for losing your General turn 2.

Game 4 Vs High Elves- A bit better prepared for 8th ed High Elves, The Empire came out angry, I took mike to the proverbial woodshed early on except this game I grossly under estimated the power of the Phoenix Guard..I thought the Steam Tank could take them down solo, but no way. I put it into them on my turn one, and by turn 5 its was dead and I had only killed about about half of them. This was the Banner/ Fortitude scenario. After I got two banners early, I only needed one and that left the Swordmasters or the Phoenix Guard, I brought my Knights back to give the PG another crack but they didnt budge there either after a ferocious charge. Mike wisely put his Swordmasters into the building on his last turn knowing on my last licks..I would have them in Front/Rear/ Flank sandwich if he stayed outside still no guarantee but a good chance. Knights had another chance at PG..couldn't do it..game ends.

Like I said thou, all these games where great fun, outside comical dice rolling and my opponents were all fantastic.

On the downside, I seriously hate all the book scenarios. The only one I like is the Banner/Fortitude one and that is the one you will inevitably hear the most griping about. For me, Pitched Battles with objectives is the only way to go for a tournament.

There weresome organizational /scoring issues this year, No slight on the man running things this year- Alex G, as he does and awesome job and I think this was the biggest Warhammer single day tourney to date with 140 players, so a huge challenge. There we some bad apples in extra staff department that caused some problems with the paint judging. I did paint scoring on Friday for the big brawl, so I know the system, it requires you examining a persons army set up on its display and closely looking at the models to in order to correctly go thru the checklist. There were two judges during round 1 trying to score peoples armies while their game was going on, which was complete idiocy. As a result the guy who won Player Appearance- Tourney Choice got a whopping "14" out 25 for his paint score..and my own army..which has never had gotten less than a max score here, got a "zero" for display base because..my base was under the table when they judged my army, go figure right? anyway this garbage got called out and these paint scores were corrected..and if this was the worst thing that went on a tourney this big...I'd call it a a success. I'm going to bone up on 8th ed with Empire and give it one more go at the local "Blood in the Sun" here in July and see if I can un-embarrass myself. In the end however, I'm not sure I'll back for the Championships next year because after 5 years...this is never a great day for me and there is just too much to do at Adepticon now and I'd rather do other stuff and its not like they need the players. My Empire needs a rest, "if" I have another army that can compete..I may change my mind. No commitments.

Next up, the Team Tourney.

Edit: In a bit of self congratulatory back slapping, in order to put a counterweight against my absolutely terrible game performance. I wanted to point out, was the only player out of 134 who had max sports and max paint..that's at least 4 events in the last 3 years I have maxed out as the "soft score whore"., If I could actually win some games, look out!


Tom said...

I love the scenarios. It puts a damper on "one trick pony" army builds and adds a bit of randomness to the game. It's fun. WFB isn't for serious competitive play anyway.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

I wish more people had your attitude..if that was even remotely the majority opinion..yeah the scenarios would be cool.

Conspyre said...

High Elves are pretty savage in the new edition... I've played a couple of smaller games in the last week against them, and even matching their core units against elite infantry (I've been playing WoC), they're a force to be reckoned with. I like the concept of the Blood and Glory mission, and I could see it working well in an environment where the armies are more similar in composition (a historical game, or maybe a tournament limited by faction), I think the example you point out is where it can get wonky. It will be interesting to see as the army books are updated whether or not there are corrections to make up for potential imbalances in the scenarios for certain armies- there certainly have been in 40K, but there are only 3 missions with two objective types to worry about in 40K.

Kasper said...

Ach, sorry for your bad luck but glad you had some fun and shared the pictures. Some amazing models; I especially like the green wraiths; the High Elven display board with the ship in it; and the Empire Robot-steam tank :-).
Eleven warmachines is just sick :-)
All the best,

TrekkerYu said...

Good write up John. I agree that WHF isn't for serious competitive play anymore. The game at table 1 can attest to that. I think 8th ed. really shines in campaign play. We're in the middle of our second and everyone is having a blast.

Randow0d said...

Great pics! And i love how personal your write up was ^.^

Shame you didn't win so many games, but so long as you had fun (and your painting looks really good!) i'd count that as a win :D




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