Friday, July 22, 2011

Hardcore is, uh Hard.

my Lich Lord Terminus

On the topic of Warmachine, I spent most of July painting my 1st 35 points. I've had maybe a dozen games this month only half of those with my my new caster of choice the Lich Lord Terminus. At 35 models, it's a high model count for 35 points but I like the undead pirate theme and its mobile tarpit playstyle that's just a delivery system for the big guy into combat.

Reaper and Machine Wraith

Along comes a 35 point "Hardcore" Steamroller in my area with a couple players I know turning me on to the event. The event is tomorrow and looking to get out there a give it try I oblige and signed up. feeling up to the challenge as I finally started winning some games with my current list going 2-2 my first four matches the losses being in one case barely a loss, the other stupidity I should have seen coming. However once my old WFB compadre turned Warmahordes guru Felix came over to demo some hardcore games last night the proverbial rubber hit the road and my head was swimming.

Captain Rengrave and Revenant Crew
(numerous conversions abound in alot of the revenant crew..those free mantic promo sprues come in handy and scale perfectly)

Hardcore events, for those that dont know feature a time limit -per turn, in case 5 minute turns.I I experimented with time limits early in my learning of the game (with tiny army) just to see what it was like and didnt really have issue at the time, so it didn't really register. Last night however, oh boy. It registered. I've havent experienced 5 minutes feel like 10 secs in recent memory. Trying to activivate 35 models is 5 mins especially in a Killbox scenario with fiddly units like my bile thralls.(who blow themselves up in 180 degree arc out to 6 inches killing friend of foe) who need to placed exactly..was simply not possible in the rookie state of warmachine that my brain is currently wired. I had several turns where units were missing activations or just activating to get to terminus who I didnt have enought time to sort what he was going to was trainwreck and in short despite doing some seriously killing of felix's rank and file stuff...he just ran his big nasty jacks in on his feat turn and crushed me twice, the second time just for good measure clearly illustrating I am not ready for a 5 min hardcore steamroller in anyway but the paint department.

Blackbanes Ghost Raiders

Given the paint requirements, retooling my list isnt possible by tomorrow morning but its pretty clear to me for an event like this you want to go lean and mean with the least amount of activations possible to do the job...having 3 X 10 man units with special actions...ranged attacks, dual attacks and the tough rule...was just assine, basically counterproductive given the time constraints. What I am quickly finding out about Privateer Press in contrast to Games Workshop is, where Games Workshop writes its core rules to sell you the most models they possibly can, PP writes its events to sell you the most models it can, from multiple lists being required, to totally different formats at different point levels you need a wide variety of stuff just be able to "show up and play" and be competitive. It all good though and with 3 different casters and around 50 models and good selection of warjacks..I have enough stuff..I just need to compartmentalize so I can list build to the event in question and get my head wrapped around all the complexities of this game. SO, with whole life of miniatures gaming under my belt, I must admit that with only 3 months and a couple dozen games under my belt, when it comes to Warmachine, I am not Hardcore.

Bile Thralls

I am going to do my best to get some gaming in August and see where I am in in September and maybe shoot for a 7 min timed event steps right?

On the subject of paint, these are finished and semi finished shots, still have work to do on the big guy like the wings and some touch ups, the rest of the units and solo models (missing from the photos and in my list is a Pistol Wraith) are WIP in the base coated/ wash phase,
I stuck with nautical theme so the colors sea foam green and copper with heavy oxidation are everywhere, plus a little seaweed where needed. I am going to continue along and finish these guys up in the next few weeks and I'll get them up in Warmachine gallery on the sidebar.


TrekkerYu said...

Looking forward to reading about the event. Great looking stuff! However the combo of non-painted minis at PP events and the idea of 5-min steam rollers leads me to think these are power-game events in the worst way. Curious to read about your experiences as I continue to watch from the WHF side of the fence.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Hey Chris

While the non painted event thing is a turn off to me as well. The Hardcore events have full paint requirements. which is why I am interested in playing in them.

The timed turn length fluctuates depending on the point size of the event, since you develop a strong sense of skill over time playing this game..the time limits put pressure on those skills the akin to the way chess clocks are used in chess in a competitive atmosphere.

The biggest attraction of WFB for myself and many people is the pageantry of hundreds of painted models being moved around a cool board. obviously that isnt a attraction with Warmachine the attraction is the "gameplay".

Its a game were a win its very satisfying. and loss actually makes you think what you did wrong. There is no "oh well, shit happens" in this game. it designed to be competitive there is no gamey exploiting loopholes in the rules or taking multiple versions of the "good model" in order to gain advantage or any of the stuff we talk about as powergaming in Warhammer. As a result its not really a hobby game in the GW sense..yes people who want to make it a "hobby" do so and paint, collect huge armies and build cool terrain but where WFB often brings people to the tables thru the Hobby, Warmachine brings them for the game. Thats the best way I can describe what I am seeing here. So yeah its "power gamey" but in a totally different way than power gaming numbskullness of say- Ard Boyz.

I guess I should have been clearer my point in the post is I am NOT doing the event today because I am in no way ready. (Steve is thou) you need skills to play this game competitively or you are just giving someone else "a buy" to the next round. In these small 8-10 player events everyone involved should be at a certain point and under time conditions I dont even know the rules for my own stuff well enough yet.

I'll be doing some events soon, but this one I just jumped the gun on.

Bill Lim said...

Lovin the Cryx goodness. Termi looks great. Glad he is being put to use. Keep it up.

BizzareWarstar said...

That's a savage tertiary pallet you've got on those, great colour balance throughout, nice one.


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