Sunday, March 25, 2012

LPL Season 6, Rnd 4- Art is subjective

Round 4 has begun over the LAF for Lead Painters League season 6  

Above is my 3rd Round entry which lost 369 to 91.  I am somewhat conflicted here, not so much by the loss - but the lopsided score. As someone whose done plenty of paint judging I find both my entry and my opponents  equal in technical skill, although I might give myself a slight edge in the fiddly details where armored knights get a break when your using metallic paints versus say going for well done non-metallic metals. Regardless I got stomped..hence the art is subjective tag.

Here is another shot I didnt submit of my round 3 entry where I felt the lighting was a little more flattering, not sure if that would make a difference or not.

Now we're off to the races in round 4, My entry is entitled "Red Planet"..again the terrain will be familiar to those that follow the blog.  This round admittedly was somewhat a filler entry for me as its 15mm stuff and its hard to push the painting boundaries there against even average 28mm stuff.
needless to say its currently losing 2 to 1 against some average 28mm stuff.  I am not letting frustration take me down next entry is very solid ( worlds of Tolkien bonus round) and I am re-entering my round 2 submission at some point that just got a really tough match up. .Post Adepticon, I am going to try to knock out 3 new entries, and the last round has huge bonuses points for a Maritime theme and diorama..quite convenient for the guy with all the Pirate miniatures...I still think I can finish respectably in this thing when its all said and done. wish me luck and of course go vote!.


PapaSpanky said...

I voted for the knights, and quite honestly it came down to color saturation of the pics. Had you submitted the second pic, I would have picked yours over the other.
I did however vote for the red planet over the weiner carving. Yours had a better composition and technical skill for the size.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Ha!, thanks for confirming that...sometimes you got to trust your gut..I knew I should have switched pics..thanks for your input
and your vote!

monkeymannate said...

i think honestly a majority of the people voted for the overall picture then of the quality of the paint job. From a technical painting aspect i think you exceeded him/her pretty easily. The biggest thing that I noticed was a good chunk of your shot is just black back ground. Coming from the very flat angle of the shot, like 25% of what you see is that absent top right corner. Where in your match up's picture the angle was more flattering and lended itself to framing the figs in to the center and majority of what people would see. Just my 2cents, and Great Job so far man!

John@Plastic.Legions said...

great points, Nate. thanks
I've pretty busy of late and/or locked into the DA campaign..but we should get together soon and throw some dice..are you going to Adepticon?

monkeymannate said...

wasn't planing on hitting up adepticon, with weekends being tough to get off for work. I've kinda dove headfirst into warmachine, playing once or twice a week pretty regularly.


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