Sunday, May 5, 2013

LPL 7- Round 4 is on!

Round 4 has begun over at the LAF for Lead Painters League Season 7

Above is my 3 round entry, "Heroes of Helm's Deep"  Which scored me my first win by 50 votes, So if you voted for me thanks, and if you bothered to vote at all thanks again.  As it seems to be a  developing pattern my round 4 entry Red Devils 15mm is losing to some cultists flashing some skin, the exact same thing that happened last year with my 15mm Red Planet entry. 15mm is tough nut to crack with people for sure in the LPL .If you've painted 15mm before, you know how tough it is to paint cleanly for close up photographs in the scale.  Checking entries going back a few years across the board it seems if a tough scale to win with period, so in retrospect I should have went with my Saxons, although I didnt think they looked as good. Anway this one is lost cause at the current vote totals but if your so inclined please vote as you still get leaderboard points for the votes.
I am currently working on my round 5 entry which the theme round for Historical civil war..this prompted me to finally get painting on my Perry Brothers War of the Roses figures. I am doing a small diorama and already I took some WIP photos so I'll shoot for getting this entry its own "development" post for something different later on in the month after round 5 is complete. Unless something else comes up, until next Sunday!.


Nathan Watt said...

Very nice. Good luck with other entries

DeanM said...

Very nice. These are very realistically proportioned and you've painted them superbly. Best, Dean

Drunken Samurai said...

The LAF is a very 28mm centric forum. In the early days they were almost hostile to anything else. It is a bold entry for this competition that is in 15mm.

You got my vote this round because your stuff is good but also I always vote against nudity as it is a cheap tactic. Besides that stuff is not very good.

I think this week's entry for you is suffering from some lighting issues. As you said before, this is as much a photography competition as it is a painting competition. It seems that the shadows are throwing things off a bit.

Danisnotatree said...

Good to see some LOTR models winning. Great job. I have all the same modes and yours truly put mine to shame. At 15mm the FOW blog of Crac de Chevaliers produces amazingly sharp work.

Blackwarden said...

What a nice looking bunch. Aragorn is especially well done. Good luck with the next round!

Scott said...

Fine work John on a charismatic group.


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