Friday, May 3, 2013

Foam Wars III !!!

I know, some of you are saying Holy Sh&t!!, Foam Wars III?? , I kid you not. Our favorite toy soldier man bag manufacturer is back at it again using the legal system like a horde of 5 year olds clubbing a pinata.

My traffic has been justifiably down since I dropped off the WFB bandwagon and the resulting gaming punditry a couple years ago. So I was a little surprised when I saw the big spike in traffic the other day in my blogger tools. Investigating this,  I was amused to say the least, that the current coverage by a well put together blog  had people in the comments and some other connected links using my original "Foam Wars" post from back in 2010 as background information on the subject.

Basically the current situation revolves around Battlefoam's owner accusing another blogger of libel, slander, defamation, etc of his character on his blog. The blog in question. Blood of Kittens  is one of those 40K blogs (and there are bunch of them) whose point seems to be excelling at the very things its accused of -so I dont see what the big deal is. Especially as Mr. Battlefoam seems to have numerous posts incriminating himself  (Dakka Dakka,) in the very behavior he's being accused of too.

While no one likes to or really deserves to be slandered unjustly on the internet. The kicker here is manner of Battlefoam's CEO legal response. As an armchair lawyer who rocked his LSAT but never took the next step, I have to say the Battlefoam lawyer was not really looking past the fact we were talking about bags to carry your toy soldiers in. Because the severity and hamfistedness of their legal response, allowed the writer of  Blood of Kittens, to seek out first class Pro Bono legal help from some nationally recognized 1st Amendment specialists. How this one is going to shake out I can't say but going thru life spending all your time suing people is no way to build a business eventually the rubber is going to hit the road as they say . I must say I feel for the Blood of Kittens guy because despite scoring free legal aid, it cant be any fun having to deal with this kind of nonsense.

 I've tried to keep it straight and to the facts in regards to Battlefoam and its antics, and this will be no different so I'll return the favor and redirect you over to the excellent analysis at Popehat.

Foam Wars will surely carry on, I'm afraid.


Danisnotatree said...

Inherently counter productive from Battlefoam. Their action is just seen as bullying and supporting the very thing it is accused of. Storm in a tea cup.


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