Sunday, June 23, 2013

LPL7- Concludes!

 Lead Painters League Season 7 has concluded for 2013.

Above is my last entry "Rex Eleven Escapes" which won by my largest majority to date  against a very good painter. Most likely that's a combination of  all the pieces fitting together for the last "Sci-Fi" entry bonus round, as my opponents detailing and faces were particularly excellent.

I wish I could have this level of composition for all my entries, as that is actually what it takes to win.
I finished in 6th place this year which is big step up from my 14th place last year..The field was smaller but the consistent quality was better. So my overall standing going from the top 30% to the top 20%  is big step up for me. (especially with my terrible 1-3 start)  Finishing up 7-3 was a good come back. I probably should not have ran rounds 2 and 4 , but my time management on this was terrible this year..which cost me 10 bonus points in round 5.  Anyway I'll be back next year, alot more prepared for this thing., I am not giving up until I crack the top three.

In other news I was asked to paint judge at the superbly well run WFB event Blood in the Sun this weekend, it was a great time and it is as about a well run Warhammer event as I have seen. As much as I may even look for an excuse, my opinions on 8th edition have not changed. but I got to catch up with alot of my old WFB buddies..lots of great gaming and real life talk...good times. If you read this blog and still play WFB and are looking for a WFB summer tourney this is the one.


DeanM said...

Really, really nice figures and terrain. Best, Dean

eriochrome said...

Some of those figures look like ones in the Bones kickstarter. Are those the metal ones or did you get you hand on some of them before your package arrived.

If they are the metal ones I would love to see if side by side painted comparison at some point.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Yes, they are all metal figures. I have a large of amount of reaper figures, with the Kickstarter I about doubled my collection. I spent the good majority of last evening with my two daughter checking out and painting my first Bones figs, I dont see the Bones figures as a replacement for metal figures, if your looking for High detail , center piece character or display pieces..but they are great filler and low cost miniatures, I'll write about this in detail soon with some comparisons shots

eriochrome said...

Sounds good. I have about 15 bones now and I note that they are significantly better than the plastic in the D&D coop board games but did not seem up to the level of an excellent resin or metal mini. But those are general retail now at 10-15 dollars with bones at 3.


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