Friday, June 28, 2013

Reaper Bones Kickstarter Arrives!!!

 SO..almost 9 months to the day of the Kickstarter closing my Reaper Bones miniatures arrive, I have briefly looked through the box, and opened a handful of bags, a detailed review is coming later but initial impressions are:

The material used at this point seems great!  its flexible but in a good way, I've seen tons and tons of plastic miniatures in my life, The detail on these looks excellent, there is no visible flash or mold line glaring at me. Compare this to GW finecast, which is at various better detail but at 10X the price and you'll be laughing. My biggest concern here was the material and its detail...this looks at this point- to be a major win for Reaper, this material different that previous bones figures I saw a couple years ago.

(edit: Dug through one Vampire Bag, found plenty of instances of flash and figures bent to hell, all these instances seem to be on the small figures.  took 15 mins to clean up a bent one with a good amount of flash, easily cut away the base and I'll try the hot water trick and see how the straightening looks, right now bigger seems better)

 Scale on some of the Figures seems odd, I'm not familiar with first hand looks at some of the metal versions of these sculpts but the Julie Guthrie Pathfinder Red Dragon is way smaller than I thought it would be. Its young Dragon at best, its ok, I have a couple huge dragons.
Figure case is very bare bones, no embossed lettering which is cool, foam slots are smaller than I like
since I rebase all my Reaper Figures its a pretty tight fit, but they are the perfect size for true 25mm type figs which I have alot of so the case is right where the price point indicated.
A crazy amount of figures to go thru, a more detailed review is pending post some assembly , re-basing and painting, stay tuned. So far I am NOT disappointed.


Domus said...

Damn I'm jealous. I'm still waiting.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

My Bone are scheduled to roll in next Monday. How big was the shipping box? I'm expecting something the size of a refrigerator!

John@Plastic.Legions said...

About 9lbs..not that huge probably 24 x 16 x 12 or close, though if you got a bunch of huge models, ( I did not) it will surely be bigger.

Blackwarden said...

Still waiting on my loot. I didn't think mine was all that complicated of an order to put me so far down in the queue but I guess I was wrong. I'll pass the time by looking at yours instead. Can't wait to see/read your full review.

eriochrome said...

Mine are due wednesday. Very excited.

CK aka Kronos said...

Cool! I'm a bit jealous, I will have to wait at least another month for my package to arrive. But I'm looking forward to your detailed review! :)

eriochrome said...

The pathfinder dragon in the individual item lists does not look like it is supposed to be that big originally:

I do not know if they changed the size from the original metal one though.

I know that there was an error in Kaladrax model were the digital scan of the sculpt got resized to be bigger than intended and they then made the other undead dragon smaller which is pretty annoying if you get the 25 dollar one that is now smaller than the 10 dollar one.

eriochrome said...

Here are some size comparisons people did for some the metal versions of the optional minis.


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