Thursday, February 27, 2014

Alien Shock Troop Squad

If you' re like me and you are quite tired of the endless array of 40K inspired Sci Fi Aliens or its flipside of catoonish Pulp inspired Aliens. These might be just be what you're looking for. Currently looking for funding via indiegogo This Alien Shock Troop Squad is classic mix of classic Sci Fi Alien types for any generic setting. If you're a Traveller fan or an old Star Frontiers fan, like me -you'll immediately get the appeal.
My Sci Fi project currently titled "Low Orbit" has been in the works for years. Once I wrap up my currently hobby obligations in the next month I plan on see it to completion through out the summer.
Since last fall, I've been working on lots of related material on the side when time allows so when I start showing it off, I should have quite alot done.  "Low Orbit" is squad sized skirmish game set in the late 22nd Century Inspired by my favorite "Legends" games and the original Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. It features numerous unique mechanics with boardgame-esque scenarios, meshing into something that will hopefully be fast paced, fun  and challenging.

I surely hope these guys above fund, because I have tons of Human figures and have been looking for a good Alien team and was hard pressed for one until I stumbled on these over at the LAF.  LAF user "PF" is quite an accomplished sculptor , if your a fan of what I am talking about do us both a favor and pick up a Squad. You can follow his original announcement and these figs development here.


Scott Bowman said...

They're certainly nice sculpts - I'll be interested to see how your 'low orbit' turns out...

Nathan Watt said...

Very nice. Certainly can't fall into the category of 40k inspired.


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