Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bolt Action- bringing an Army to the table

 In any miniatures skirmish game, for me a measure of ones interest in said game can easily be gauged by the what they put into their models. Whether it be causal or competitive, I find it rare that people slave away on the models for game they dont really like. The reverse can be true as well ,where you may love the game but models just don't inspire you. I've bounced around a bit quite since I quit playing Warhammer, I had brief affairs with Warmachine, Kings of War, Flames of War, etc. all of my attempts to work around the various nuances that irked me, be it the IP, the models or scale all lead to my inevitable lack of interest in the games. Even my longest serving miniature passion, Lord of the Rings has suffered not due to not only my fading interest in the state of the game but failure of the new ranges to inspire in either the visualization or the physical material (failcast). After spending a year with Warlord Games, Bolt Action, its clear to me, I really like this game.

First of my 4 teams on 60mm bases my Sniper Team, finally finished up this morning.
 I've got two Bolt Action Armys, my British Paratroopers, and my favorite nemesis of theirs Germany's Waffen SS. I actually think this will only be the second minatures game where I can field more than one completely painted army ( other being LotR where I can field at least 600 points armys from numerous incarnations from 4 different factions but I have also been playing that game since 2007)
My Humber Mark IV is only 90% complete, I still have a bit of touch up to do and put some decals on it. The guys walking along aside are British Commandos from Black Tree Designs they work great with WG figures.
 Adepticon is about 47 days away, This about half my army I still have 6 commandos, my HMG team, ATG Team, Mortar Team, and Jeep to paint...they are all built modeled up and base coated
so I am going right into painting, My goal here is to be done the end of the month, that's looking unlikely but it will close. I'll surely crank about the rest of my Commandos and  my HMG team by next weekend, my 6 pounder ATG in the week after that..leaving me my Mortar and Jeep for the last month going in. Keep in mind I am simultaneous working on both the Pirate Table and Bolt Action table in between. While everything for the tables might not happen in the end, I am not worried about my Tournament armies, and for Pirates I already have more stuff then would fit on the allowable gaming space before I built the stuff recently built.

As for my painting I kept it pretty by the book, the uniforms are the uniforms however being military uniforms are bit drab I like to bring a bit of color into the miniatures, I am using a lot of bright highlights of the base colors hopefully getting them to pop out a bit more. The camo smocks on the Red Devils and extra work of all the resin bases definitely add on to the time to get them done.
Regardless, I am loving painting this army more so that any army in recent memory, looking for forward to posting shots of these guys on the new table, against another fully painted army.
(speaking of which any BA fan should check out my pal Jeremy's Japanese over at his Blog)
I am glad to report that reality is going to happen very soon!. Next weekend is my pal Tim's Gathering in Desert Reboot  "Operation Scorpion"  taking place in the Phoenix area. Bolt Action was the transition game for former LotR players as the game died out there, IL/WI is definitely following suit as   while LotR is still soldiering on here, almost every regular I played at events with for the last 5 years is playing BA, in fact 3 of my local LotR compradres are making the trip and I wish I was joining but alas, this time of year its night impossible for me to get out of town.

In other news coming up we are running a couple demos for public events I am involved here at out Bi-Weekly game nights which look to be back on track after getting sabotaged by this brutal winter
We are doing our Hail Ceasar demo of a huge Crusades game on a 12 x 4 table, this game is happening post Adepticon at Little Wars  which is great little local convention that always gets overshadowed by Adepticon.

Then we are demoing Pirates the week after, basically just to make sure the scenarion plays the way I want it to..again a 12 x 4 table...painting is underway on the Gatehouse piece I recently posted and Rich brought the ruined castle back over on Tuesday I'll be setting the whole thing up very soon to get sorted.. So hopefully I'll be back to posting a bit more frequently in the coming month, as all these
thing come to fruition I'll be psyched to talk about it.


Rodger said...

Absolutely stunning looking para's!

DeanM said...

Very impressive brushwork on these British. Your ground work for the bases is also top-notch. Best, Dean


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