Friday, February 15, 2019

Frostgrave, Frostgrave Wizards , Sprues Pics and more

Obviously if you been following me at all the last 4 months , I have been obsessed with Rangers of Shadow Deep an offshoot of big brother Frostgrave. Not really having anyone to play Frostgrave right now , Rangers was the perfect companion as its a solo game, Considering I am playing in day long Frostgrave event coming end of March, bout time I get some games and right after I finish my current Rangers mission expect some solo Frostgrave gaming right here.

The plastic wizards are out sculpted by Bobby Jackson of Reaper Miniatures fame, they just released the sprue pics in the current Northstar news letter. I blew the sprue pic up to 300 dpi as its not the best resolution but you cant least get better close up before it blurs out.

Looks like a pretty good kit, Ill have to get hands on and see what I can build before any final judgement. Overall I am super impressed with the Osprey Plastics, my favorite plastics since the old GW days

Both the Wizards Kit and the Wizards Conclave book are available now at Northstar.

Right Click , open image in new tab and you should be about to zoom in on it a bit

There's been alot of press on the new Frostgrave Book, The Wizards Conclave. a compilation book
of scenarios by a who's who of current game designers. Ill certainly review it when I get a copy, Ill be ordering the book and wizard kit ASAP.  Only reason I also wanted to mention it was the art
the Art in this book looks top notch, they are really raising the game with the whole Frostgrave line
(success has it benefits!)  also check out the cool alternative cover I found below.

Alternate Cover I came across be cool to release both..



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