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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 3: Decent into Darkness, Scenario 3: The Last Stand , Part II

Pre Game Setup..see part I for details

This report is a full play-through
All die rolls are shown as (X) all combat rolls are (x,x) the first number always being the heroes.
Picking directly up from where we left off HERE. ,  and we roll dice!


 Blackwulf uses  group activation to activate  Xavos and Gord

Xavos moves twice over the stone wall toward the small ruined home across the road

Gord  moves twice over the stone wall toward the small ruined home across the road

Hunting Treasure
 Blackwulf  shoots at one the Giant Flies he sees moving toward the house (15,19) miss +2 vs+1 (intervening terrain)


Troll lumbers forward with a double of 6 inches (M4) its sees skuti on the second floor, it can climb to his position with a single 4 inch move

Orcs charge from the woods to the back door guarded by Sigurd and Thorvald they reach the low stone wall but only Orc 1 has enough  move to get over the wall , he does with his second action and he is close enough to Sigurd to force combat but they don’t fight this turn

Giant Flies  rush Blackwulf and attack , its  +4 v +2 (support from 2nd fly)  (12,12)  Blackwulf wins 16 to 14 and fly 1 dies immediately ..Blackwulf gets the 1st kill. Blackwulf pushes the second fly away as he won combat.


Someone yells "Shoot the troll", so all 3 archers Shoot at the oncoming Troll.

Skuti- Has a clear shot at the oncoming Troll he is +2 Shoot the Troll -2 to Defend because it’s a large creature
He shoots (15,17)  Or 17 to 15 in Skutis favor a hit!  Its does 3 damage to the Troll

Skuti ends up killing the troll with arrow thru the skull ...

The Corporal also has a clear view of the oncoming Troll she is also  +2 Shoot the Troll -2 to Defend because it’s a large creature  She shoots her Crossbow (16,9 ) a solid hit 18 to 8 which becomes a 20 because Crossbows are +2 damage
That does 6 damage to the Troll.  With her second action she RELOADS

The Scout can also see the Troll but only its head so its getting +4 cover so it works out to an even shot with Both Scout and the troll at +2  (10,1) a hit but its just bounces off the Trolls tough skull.. Second action RELOADS

They do 9 points of damage to the Troll so its got 7 health left

Thorvald moves into combat with Sigurd and Orc 1, He attacks with Sigurd Supporting he is +5 to the Orcs +2 , they fight (1,6) Thorvald flubs the attack and misses the Orc brushes it away

Sigurd then attacks with Thorvald supporting , again +5, vs +2  (7,2)  ugh he wins 12 to 4 but only does 1 point of damage to the Orc.

Guthrum hears his Companions in trouble moves 6 thru house and with his second action gets into the combat with Orc 1 its now a 3 vs 1 but they don’t fight this turn

Otis Moves to Ladder near Skuti in case the Troll gets in the house

The Widow moves toward the backdoor in case she is needed

The Sergeant hold postions peering into the woods

Rook and Grandpa take bets on who will die first..(do nothing)



Place three zombies at a random point on the table edge.

Took one down , picked up Three , I hope turn 2 is better!

Zombies join the party via event card



Blackwulf must activate alone since no one is close enough
He’s not engaged with Giant Fly looming nearby , he figures the Sergeant can handle it
And makes a double move toward the far side of the house (where the Zombies are)
He ends his turn with Line of Sight on the Zombies but can do anything else.


The other 3 Orcs come over the wall and join the fight this  puts Thorvald into a 2 vs 1 and Guthrum and Sigurd with single opponents

Orcs 3 and 4 attack they have  Thorvald, the Orcs are +4 for support againt his +3  the Roll.(8,17) Thorvald is having a bad day he loses 21 to 10 and takes 10 damage a brutal he’s down to 3 Health!

Orc 2 attacks Guthrum +2 vs +3 ..(4,4) they fight Guthrum wins but no damage

Orc 1 attacks Sigurd +2 vs +3 (12,11)  a tie at 14 to 14 Sigurd takes 2 damage the Orc 3
These Orcs proved a tough fight.

The Troll moves to house and want to climb but doesn’t have enough movement so it stops

Giant Fly..with Blackwulf out of sight moves to attack The Sergeant (14,4) and the Lorenthian Sgt, gets some payback cleaving the Fly in two as it approaches him (he wins 17 to 4 vs 6 armor

Zombies  all shuffle double moves (6 inches toward the house) and stop


Sigurd attacks wounded Orc 1 (17,9) at +3 vs +2 he wins 20 to 12 ..The 9 damage drops the Orc dead
For his second action his slides into Combat with Orc 3

Thorvald is now just fighting Orc 4, He smashes him (9,3) he wins the combat but does no damage

Guthrum fights Orc 2 its +3 vs +2 (6,11)  Guthrum loses 13 to 9 taking 2 damage in the process.

Skuti Drop an arrow in to top of the Trolls skull at point black range (19,20) whew he hits winning 21 to 18
For exactly 7 damage to the trolls 7 health he puts the arrow in its brain killing it…CLOSE.

he's been removed from the table, but the troll was killed right at the wall 

Gord moves in the small ruined home finds the Treasure Token and picks it up

Xavos watches the woods for oncoming creatures (does nothing)

Corporal – has a shot at an oncoming zombie the Zombie with get +1 for intervening  terrain from the angle (6,11) a miss
Second action RELOADS

The Scout has another shot through an opening in side of the house at the Zombies going to get hard cover at +4 (6,10)
He misses as well
Second action RELOADS

Sergeant, Otis , Widow, Rook and Grandpa stand fast (do nothing)



Place three zombies at a random point on the table edge

Xavos hears a moaning sound as 3 Zombies come out of woods near he and Gord!

Ugh...Gord....Hurry Zombies!

One Orc, 2 Flies, and Troll  were put far…we lost three , gained three more…..not sure I like how this is going



Blackwulf activates, no group activation as he is alone.
He moves 6 inches toward the Zombies  He pulls out his bow and uses his Steady Aim Heroic Ability for an extra +5 so he +7 vs the Zombies +1 since it’s a hurried shot…he shoots Zombie # 1 (18,14)  he put the arrow right through the zombies skull 25 to 15 for an overkill 19 damage….Zombie down  There other Zombie will now move to Blackwulf and Drawing them away from the building


Orcs in big melee near the backdoor are up first

Orc 2 attacks Guthrum +2 vs +3 (6,16)   these Orcs are killing us!  Guthrum loses 9 to 18 taking 7 damage he’s down to 3 health!

Orc 3 is now fighting Sigurd he attacks +2, vs +3  (7,11) or Sigurd is beat as well 13 to 10 fortunately he only takes 1 damage

Orc 4 continues beating on Thorvald  +2 vs +3  (15,7)  finally a break! Thorvald connects with Hammer! Winning 18 to 10
The 18 becomes a 20 for damage purposes so the Orc takes 9 damage , its still fighting on with 1 health

Zombies 2 and 3 move to Blackwulf and engage him but they both needed the second action to reach him so they don’t fight this round

Zombie 4  moves twices to the Back door and melee between the Orcs and the Heroes

yeah ! lets get a zombie in there to spice things up.....uhhh

Zombie 5 and 6 catch whiff of Xavos he is caught by # 6  while #5 is close behind. Again its them both move actions to reach him so they don’t fight yet


Thorvald tries to finish off Orc 4, +3 vs +2 (13,20) Ooof he does not losing  22 to 16 Thorvald is down and out OoA!
The first to fall…

Sigurd fights on desperately against Orc 3 , +3 vs + 2 (20,9)  yeah Sigurd.a brutal critical , Orc didn’t see that coming 28 to 12 for 17 damage…

Guthrum against Orc 2 , +3 vs +2  (5,4) he wins  8 to 6 doesn’t damage but pushes the orc off

For hopefully  the archers to get a shot

good example of stepping back after winning combat so archers can do there job

The Scout see thru an open window the zombie # 5 moving in on Xavos and shoots (14,17)
Just misses 16 to 18 (zombie has +1 for intervening terrain)

Corporal tries to put down Orc who just took our Thorvald (8,8) she hits 10 to 8 the +2 damage from the Crossbow makes is 12 vs the Orcs 11 armors,  1 damage, just enough it falls…LUCKY

Skuti has no targets so he stays put

The Sergeant moves from the front to jumps over the wall and with his second action gets into combat with the Zombie #5 they wont fight yet

Gord comes out of the house with his Treasure token and with his second action move into combat to support Xavos

Xavos fights with Gord supporting is +4 vs +0  (1,9)  obviously combat is not Xavos forte as an Arcanist he fails miserably losing 5 to 9 luckily it’s a non lethal hit that does no damage

The Remaining Lorenthian Survivors Widow, Otis, Grandpa and Rook hold position



Earthquake. Every figure on the table, heroic and evil, should immediately make
a Move Roll (TN16). If it fails, it falls over and misses its next activation.

well crap…

Starting on the far left of board moving right around the + X  is there move which is added to the roll (x) to try to beat a TN 16

Xavos  +6 (9) = 15 fail
Gord +7(4) =11 Fail
Zombie #6 +4 (5)= 9 fail
Zombie #5 +4 (14)= 18 PASS
Sergeant +6  (4) = 10 Fail
Zombie #4 +4 (7)= 11 fail
Orc 2 +6 (5) = 11 Fail
Sigurd +6 (17) =23 PASS
Guthrum +6  (11) = 17 PASS
Corporal +6 (4) =10 Fail
Widow +6 (14) = 20 PASS
Otis +6(10) =16 PASS
Rook +6 (17)=23 PASS
Grandpa +6 (6) =14 Fail
Scout +6 (3) =9 Fail
Skuti +6 (5) = 11 Fail
Zombie #2 +4 (11) =15 fail
Zombie #3 +4 (13) =17 pass
Blackwulf +6 (7) we will use our Hand of Fate ability here (12) = 18 PASS , thank you “hand of fate”

Crazy turn  only 8 combatants total pass to activate next turn.. we lost Thorvald  but took out 2 Orcs and a Zombie and no one new showed up..



Blackwulf shakes the earthquake and attacks Zombie # 3 (16,6)  Blackwulf at +4 fight vs the Zombies +0 wins 20 to 6 its killing blow at 8 damage and another Zombie goes down Blackwulf  steps back from the combat with the fallen Zombie 2 so he can see the rear of the building.

post earthquake, Blackwulf kills a Zombie then steps back from the prone one.

Orc 2 Misses activation

Zombie 5 attacks the fallen Sergeant (19,12) Sergeant wins 22 to 12 but does no damage as hes prone.

(note: not specified any where in rules about prone figures.  Good sense says you may defend, but we wont apply damage the Sgt simply parried the Zombies attack while prone. We are also saying all prone figure on activation must use an action to get up)

Zombies 3, 4 and 6  miss their activation  due to the Earthquake


Sigurd attack the fallen Orc 2.. (9,4) or 12 to 6,  he grazed the Orc doing 1 point of damage

Guthrum joins the attack hoping to take the Orc out, with Sigurd supporting he is +5 vs +2
(19,3)  Guthrum’s strikes true cleaving the Orc in two 24 to 5  with the two handed weapon its 26 for Damage purposes or 15 damage…all the Orcs from the initial war party are dead.

finally finishing off those Orcs

Rook, Otis and Widow …stay put inside the farmhouse

Xavos, Gord, The Sergeant, Corporal, Scout and Grandpa all miss their turn due to the earthquake



Oh shit, I guess that’s what the earthquake was about the freaking Burrow Worm bust out of the ground in the middle of the farm house!!!!

Place one burrow worm in the center of the large room of the farmhouse.

This is going to be bad......



Blackwulf activates and makes a double move around the back of the house 9” and that’s all he can do.


BURROW WORM bursting out of the floor it literally on top of The Widow so it can force combat (1,19) welp so much for that in dramatic fashion the worm at +4 beats or should I say eats the widow at 23 to 1 for 13 damage, she has 10 health so is dead..(eaten)  (note: any survivors reduces to 9 health are dead, no survival table)

Zombie 2 get ups and moves 4 inches toward the center of the table

Zombie 4 gets up can climb the wall with his move action and can force combat with Sigurd but cant fight this turn

Zombie 5 attacks the Fallen Sergeant again (19,6) and he defends again! No damage.

Zombie 6, Gets up can force combat with Gord and attacks (1,11) (2 1’s in row)  Gord tries to defend himselfs fails 11 to 2 and takes 1 point of damage

Still stunned from the Earthquake


Sigurd has a Zombie clawing at him he attacks using his Bone Blade for +4 fight!  (19,14) he wins 23 to 14 can cuts that Zombie right down the middle for 9 damage killing it

Guthrum was about to run into the house to fight the worm but he cant reach it in one action only has 3 health so he hold positio9n

Skuti stands up and fires and arrow at that Burrow Worm  (13,11)  Skuti hits it winning 15 to 12 doing 5 damage to the worm
(I don’t think burrow worms are supposed to be as large as our model here since they don’t have the “large” trait

The Corporal stands and fires her Crossbow , the worm  also gets the +1 for hurried shot as well  (15,19) or 17 to 20 she misses..

The Scout decides hes going to jump from the second floor toward the front of the house its 3” so he’s allowed to try he also needs to make an acrobatics roll TN 4 rolls (3) so hes out but the he gets no other action.

The Scout jumping from the second floor

The Sergeant finally can stand and attack Zombie 5 that been attacking him he’s +3 vs +0 (4,4) wins 7 to 4 but does no damage.

Gord stands and attacks Zombie 6 (9,6)  he too wins 10 to 6 but does no damage

This fight went way to long..two zombies shouldnt have this hard..

Xavos stands and can force into the combat with Gord and zombie 6, Gord is now supporting its +3, vs +0 (12,1) Xavos hits winning 15 to 1, with Zombie having 12 armor he only does 3 damage its keeps fighting!

Otis, Grandpa and Rook, seeing the Widow munched in one bite. Move (run) into the front section of the farmhouse for the time being….
Hiding from the Burrow Worm



A violent ash storm kicks up. Line of sight is reduced to 10” for the rest of the
scenario. All heroes must make a Will Roll (TN8) or suffer 2 points of damage

Blackwulf +4 (7) = 11 PASS
Sigurd+2 (20)= 22 PASS
Guthrum +2 (3) = 5 FAIL ,  2 damage 1 HEALTH REMAINING
Skuti +1 (5)=6 FAIL 2 damage
Gord +1 (10)= 11 PASS
Xavos +2 (12)= 14 PASS 
Sergeant +2(11)= 13 PASS
Corporal +1(4)=5 FAIL 2 damage
Scout +1 (14)= 15 PASS
Rook +0 (6)=6 FAIL 2 damage
Grandpa +0 (11)= 11 pass
Otis +0 (20)= 20 PASS



Blackwulf activates Guthrum using group activation

Blackwulf moves to Guthrum and Casts Heal as his second action bringing Guthrum up to 6 Health

Guthrum moves into the house and awaits the worm!

in retrospect this was dumb. but If I didt put someone there the Corporal was getting attacked and shes the one that ends up killing it.


BURROW WORM takes the bait attacking Guthrum

I had Guthrum stop at a very specific spot only taking one action, where when the worm attacked him the Archers all have a shot at it, Guthrum just needs to win combat and either kill it first or step back

They fight..(8,17) ugh and Guthrum chokes losing 11 to 21..taking 10 damage from the Worm he is bashed against the wall and goes Out of Action,

Crap a risk that didn’t pay off…

Guthrum's Out of action marker? did he finally run out of luck we will see its is 5th time going OoA in 8 games.

Zombie 5 attacks the Sergeant (17,19) whew! At +3 to +0 the Sergeant finally strikes a lethal blow 20 to 19 the Zombie takes 8 damage and dies.

Lorenthian Sgt, gets the kill..

Zombie 6 is in a 2 vs 1 both Xavos and Gord have 10 health I roll a d6 1-3 Xavos gets attack..4-6 Gord, (3) attacks Xavos , who is +3 with Z Gord supporting (2,20) things are going south here, Xavos has got some bad luck in combat he loses 20 to 5 and takes 10 damage he is Out of Action too!

While Xavos falls......

Zombie 2 shambles along toward Blackwulf and Sigurd

Thats Thorvalds Out of Action marker its his 4th time going OoA in 8 games...will he Survive?


Skuti Shoots at the Burrow Worm (12,16)  or 14 to 16..he misses

The Corporal basically point blank must RELOAD with 1st action and shoot with her second. She shoots (20,13) she hits the worm with critical winning 22 to 13, with the Critical is becomes +5 to a 27 since it’s a crossbow is +2 dam for 29 total  and 19 damage the Burrow Worm is killed.

Gord  attacks the Zombie 6 that just put down Xavos (2,3) it’s a tie 3 to 3 they stay in combat and no damage.

Sigurd moves 6 inches and can engage Zombie 2  with the Bone Blade (16,6) Sigurd hits it winning 20 to 6 , 8 damage to Zombie it dies.

The Bone Blade recovered in the previous scenario is proving useful.

The Scout moves toward the front door and stands ready

Otis, Rook and Grandpa move back into the other section of the house now the worm is dead



Place two Orc archers and two Orc fighters at a random point on the table edge.

We took down the Burrow Worm and killed two more Zombies, but lost Guthrum and Xavos in the process

We hear the Orc Horn and know there is long night ahead.

Skuti can just see the Orc with the limited visibility from the dust storm.

Mid game update


The Heroes of the Last Stand

Thorvald – Felled by Orcs- OoA
Guthrum- Knock OoA by the Burrow Worm
Xavos- Mauled by a Zombie OoA
The Widow- Eaten by the Burrow Worm KIA.

The Shadow Deep

2 Giant Flies
5 Zombies
4 Orc Fighters
1 Troll
1 Burrow Worm

Next up Turns 7-12  

Orcs appear on the board, Archers this time, thou keep in visibility for the rest of game is only 10 inches.



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