Tuesday, July 3, 2007

City Fight!!

My Ultramarines took two serious losses this weekend, two great games on an awesome looking table. While I misplaced my notes on the blow by blow-the photos tells tale. Games where 500 points and had primary and secondary objectives. My Ultramarines force consisted of two tactical squads, a rhino transport and an assault squad.

Game 1- VS Brian playing Tyranids / ( HQ- 3 Tyranid Warriors, Troop- 3 squads of 8 Genestealers )

My 1st time playing Tyranids, with exception of the Battle of Macragge missions, Brian was obviously a skilled player who knew how to use them on this table. Brian deployed his forces inside nearby buildings in order to initiate capture points on his 1st turn. I didn't deploy as wiselyand deployed as far back a possible in order to try to get postion for some ranged fire before I got swarmed. I also made the dumb move of thinking I would deep strike my assault marines on this crowded terrain. (Art's Grey Knights mojo from Memorial day weekend came back to haunt me, I didn't get them on the table until turn 5, too little too late.) I then second guessed myself and had a few difficult terrain rolls trying to capture a few buildings in the early turns, low rolls slowed me down, while Brian advanced like a wildfire. I did manage to get a good round of fire off and kill 4 genestealers from one squad in round 2. by the end of Round 2, one squad was swarmed by the Warriors and remaining Stealers while the others advanced on my Rhino, My second squad had no range or LoS and was screwing around in a building while my Assault Marines played cards on the Thunderhawk. By turn 4 my Rhino was popped like a tincan and my second squad had the Tyranid Warriors on them as well..dead soon after.
I actually spent the top of round 5 with No units on the table as everyone was dead and Assault Marines were still late to the party. Finally on the table , it was way too late. In end I manage to kill 8 genestealers totals and the cost of my whole force. I did hit the Warriors a few times but the saved all their wounds. Great game Brian, it taught me alot.

Turn 1, inital deployment, I went 2nd and see those slimy buggers on the move.

This squad managed to capture that building on the right, get position and take down 1/2 a squad of oncoming Genestealers. Their glory was shortlived.

Brian's Tyranids on the move looking to eat some Ultramarines, note the awesome water effect on this table.

Boom!!! Tyranid warriors thru the wall, into the building and into my squad this got ugly fast.

Genestealers add to the mix, these guys never knew what hit them.
After these guys were wiped out both units consoldiated and moved toward
my other squad, while more Genestealers popped my Rhino

My second squad meets it maker, ouch. My assault marines show up after this only to die in a similar manner although they managed killed a few Genestealers. This was total blow out for Brian he captured 6 buildings meeting the primary objective and only lost 8 units, I lost everybody 25 Marines, 1 Vehicle and Crew.

Game 2 Vs Dan playing Chaos Space Marines- (Troop- 3 Squads of Chaos Space Marines
Heavy- Chaos Havoc Squad (5))

A much better game for me that was neck and neck until turn 5 or so. The objective was to end game with a unit touching the Astropath figure (below photo center right) who was running around the board while we battled, the bummer for me was we kept rolling it running directly into Dan's troops. My secondary objective was to hold a table quarter which I had until I started rolling "1's like crazy the last two turns.

Deployment, my set up was fine, note Dans Havocs at the other end of the alley, I figured I could shoot missles at the havoc squad while only drawing fire on part of the squad, trying to occupy the Havocs while my other two squads went to work..good plan that work pretty well. I had Havocs down to 2 guys all from Missile fire. however Dan made all his morale checks so I couldn't get rid of them. Note my assault marines on the right and the Astropath on the otherside of the building..the Assault Marines went up and over, only to run smack into two of Dans Squads, my guys held and retreated but only off pot shots later getting pinned down in that building while the Astropath chased Dan around.

Looking down the Barrel of 2 Heavy Bolters and 2 Plasma Guns, not good.

Dan's guys advancing, notice the Astropath ( primary objective)
has already delivered himself to dan, this is the top of turn 3, I believe.

All I had to do was take these guys down in close combat and I could have secured my quarter for the secondary objective...I outnumbered him two to one here the problem was I started throwing "1's" here like crazy here. ( 4 at once for close combat wounds, OUCH) this forced my other squad to stay put firing Missle's ( missing) instead of blocking on of Dan other Squads advancing into this quarter from the right. My Rhino got popped by a plasma gun but became a wreck blocking LoS in key spot for me. My squad then got compromised, lost combat and I then failed my leadership and they ran 10" which was off the table! ouch. Despite the trainwreck outcome this was actually a really close game, Dan only had one scoring unit left on the table at the end of turn 6 but he completed the objective without issue. I again lost everyone. GG to Dan he played it smart.

These games were part of 3 round campaign, my campaign partner, Aaron was playing Imperial Guard in other room and had similiar luck. He was using alot of plasma guns and was rolling freakish numbers of "gets hot" failures, and blowing himself up. Unfortunately we never played the third round as several of us were prevented from returning the next day. Big thanks to Mike for hosting these games and Jason for designing the missions. look forward to playing on that table again.


ahschmidt said...

I should post my pics from that day for you to use as well. I think yours are better, I didn't have my tripod on me.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Hey Aaron-

sure! send them by, I can add them to post just to document the day.


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