Thursday, July 12, 2007

4 X 8 Gaming Table

I really wanted to build a nice table after seeing all the great ones out at Adepticon earlier this year and the few peoples homes I've been to. My 1st 4x4 I did late last year does the job, and matches the terrain I built for it but since I actually layed the texture right on the plywood, its not changing without a major overhaul, and my carpentry was pretty half assed as I did it out of miscellaneous scrap lumber on the fly. For this one I made plans to do it right.

This is 4 x 8 sheet of 3/4" plywood framed on top of 2x4's and 1 x4 's, its rock solid and using an old picnic table I have for legs I can make it perfectly level without the hassle of leveling prebuilt legs. The reason it looks like a pool table is that I used a bunch of 6" floor base left over from my upstairs house rehab as a bumper it was the perfect size to come up about 3/4 of an inch above the top of the plywood. I set a piece of 1/2" foamcore in the "pocket" leaving a 1/4 inch above that exposed. This keeps the foamcore in place- nice and tight without glue and it is easily removable, it also keep things like dice from rolling off the table which is nice. Given this setup I can swap out any foamcore top I want to create, or people can bring their own over and we could just drop it right in.

The play surface was spray painted black, then I used spray craft glue ( super 77) to hold down a dusting of fine sand. Then I used 4 different colors of spray paint to create the mottled battlefield surface. This is setup for Warhammer fantasy so I am concurrently working on a bunch of terrain for this., I'm sure I will tweak the paintjob a bit a time goes on as while you can't really see it these photos but its got a nice texture that will take well to drybrushing. Anyway as it stands I am quite happy with this so far and wanted to show it off.


Jason said...

It looks great. I think if you have the space for a permanent setup you definately need to go the route you went. The layered mottled effect was what I was talking about on the other board. Did it go fast with the spray cans?

Old Coast said...

Thanks J- I spent probably 45 min intervals doing the each step for the play surface. Spraying the Pink foam black consistently enough to make make sure no pink was peaking thru. The Super 77 glue and laying the
Sand, Finally the spraying the on the
colors, Layered up with spray cans just like painting a smaller model
two shades of brown, then the two shades of green.

Brian said...

That's pretty freakin' sweet!

Scott said...

Great lookin' table. I can't wait to have a basement of my own to build something like this in.

David said...

Can we get a picture of the underside of the board?


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