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Chicago Games Day 2007

So I made the trek out to Chicago Games Day today, The first one I'd been to and overall a decent experience. I am glad I made the last minute decision to play in the 400 pt Combat Patrol although 9:30 am was a bit too early as I'll explain later. Getting there was breeze for me as the Rosemont Convention Center is about a quick 20-25 min drive with zero traffic on a Saturday morning

I arrived quite early- about 30 mins before my event started and a hour before they let everyone else who wasn't staff or playing combat patrol in. Grand Tournament folk had already started in a separate section by that point and were well under way. I had a few moments to take some pics before the crowds arrived, so I'll go over some them next. my photos aren't up to my usual standard, but hey -it was early.

One of the several Apocalypse Battlefields they had set up GW was pushing Apoc BIG TIME, it looks pretty cool although the massive amount of models needed is certain going to put off all the but most hardcore players. They are releasing several huge sets, cases and extras all to go with the Apocalypse release.

New Baneblades, nuff said...Warseers pics from yesterday are alot better.

The new Chaos models rule, I wish I had pic of the sprues, or the painted
parts diagram..but those pics didnt come out.

An awesome Chaos heavy flyer on an Apocalypse board, obviously some flyers made the Apoc rules cut. I also saw the 40K scale A.I, planes which are plenty cool. I wonder if they were made for Apoc because I dont see the interest if not, the demo I saw looked like guys playing a wargame with planes in a parking lot, weird.

Apocalypse Demo, run by none other than Jeff Walichs from the Oak Park GW. One of the cool rules I noticed was a fixed deployment followed by a fast deployment which lets reposition a number units anywhere on the Battlefield after the deployment of initial forces. The templates seen elsewhere are awesome especially the clover template for orbital bombardment and Thunderhawk Gunships..the damage output from the clover template is sick.

The IG trenchsystem...

Some Might Empires Tiles, There wasnt much new fantasy
stuff about, New Wizards, Flagellants, being the exception.


So I was pretty beat this morning when I arrived for the event, reason being my 8 month old daughter decided last night was a "great" night to stay up all night, so I was on like 3 hours sleep. When I showed and signed in for the tourney, I popped open my figure case I present the required copy of my Army list. After which I managed to somehow not snap closed the lid to my figure case properly, as I walked away from the table, all my models spilled out onto the concrete floors, sending arms, guns and bits flying...about 7 of my 19 models were pretty busted up. Pissed -I scooped my stuff up and spent about 20 mins re-gluing parts leaving less time to get around an photograph..I can only chalk this up to carelessness and lack of sleep, lesson learned. Once the tourney started I put it out of my mind and moved on-

Scenarios where based on winning battle points earned from strategic objectives.

My army List, HQ- Captain- PW, Plasma Pistol,- Troop- 2 Squads of 6, each with Plasma and Missile Launcher, 1 squad of 6 with bolters.

Game 1- Capture the Flag VS Tyranids (Dan)

Dan's list was mean 3 Warriors with lots of upgrades,10 Genestealers, 8 gargolyes. With his speed I new I facing an uphill fight. Again, early not reading the rules properly I stupidly placed my flag too far away from my own guys, which was bad. He used his Gargoyles to grab his own flag and move it to where I couldn't get it. leaving two of my squads to exchange fire with the Warriors and thier twin linked weapons, While my other headed toward my flag along with his Stealers. While I got a couple of lucky missile hits-My squad with my HQ ended up falling back over difficult terrain putting them out of the action..I took down 4 or 5 Stealers before getting ripped to shreds in CC and they 3rd squad went down to Warrior fire...Killed 4 or 5 Stealers and put 1 wound on one of the warriors, while took over 10 causalities game over...Battle Point earned 1

Game 2- "Poker" VS Space Wolves ( John)
Space Wolves were 2 squads one with 10, one with 6, lots of upgrades, power weapons and a Razorback w/ TL las Cannon.

This was the coolest of the three scenarios. we picked poker chips before the game each with number underneath you kept secret. Deploying the chips like flags on the map. We each tried to grab either our own chip or our opponents in order to get the most points. Both my chips were "0" points so I went after my opponents...He immediately went after one of his own so I knew it had to be decent while I feinted going after one of mine. Typical stuff here Marines shooting at each other..I did get shredded when I got in to CC with The Space Wolves, they can pack alot of power weapons in one squad and have 3+ attacks each..ouch. after turn 4, We needed to roll to see if the game continued passed the 4th turn, since my opponent john was rolling hot and I wanted the game to continue, I suggest he roll. He said "sure" and rolls a "2" Doh!, the only continued on a 4,5,or 6 so game over. My opponents scoring chip was worth 4 points while his second chip ( that my second squad was about to grab turn 5) "-2" As it turned out I was lucky I didn't actually get it as I would have put me a -2 Battle Point for the tourney. As it turned out I got one Battlepoint for number models left on the table, Overall causalities between sides where close..I lost one full squad in the Close Combat but I shot up but his ten man squad good. End result- Space Wolves win!

Game 3 Vs Space Marines ( Alex)

Alex was a young guy (12-14 or something) I think he was there with his dad who was also playing. Alex had a Tornado Speeder, an Assault Squad and 2 Squads of Marines. He had alot of Illegal models in the WYSIWYG depart for his list ( some guys were "space wolves", some were"dark angels, etc) But all units were playing as vanilla marines like myself... example- lots of his guys had a Bolter in one hand and Pistol in the other which doesn't fly with a vanilla list, even with the "true grit" trait I believe that only works for Close Combat. Any way I just let him play the way he wanted which was fine. This scenario was wacked, The premise was you had to make a leadership check (9) before every phase before you acted and if you failed you lost your turn from that phase onward. IF you failed the check got harder each time (8,7,6, etc). The fluff behind this was you were hearing voices on a "ghost planet" and your guys freaked out easily. Bad scenario.

Anyway, this poor kid was not making the leadership rolls and the scenario was creaming him. He wanted to have a shoot out with me but had heavy bolters in two squads and he kept moving so that he barely got to use them. Basically I blew up the Speeder and shot it out with him, I gave him alot of extra shots (with his wacky WYSIWYG) but I was scoring lots of missile and plasma hits. I lost 4 guys, he had 4 guys left...I picked up 4 Battle points here so I finished with 6 battle points beating a young kid in a wacky scenario..lame. I finished in the bottom three...I needed to really pick up points in scenario # 2- I just drew crappy chips worth "0" points, the luck of the draw.


This is was pretty cool, I will definitely play in this again if they run at Adepticon and I can fit it in. This would be a great tourney to run with friends in a casual environment. couple of notes- Vehicles where about useless with the tight terrain, except for bikes, the guy who won went 3-0 with Orks and had a bunch of bikes. Speed was key, my move "6" Marines with "move or fire" weapons was not the way to go.I should have brought my 200 pt squad of Assault Marines. Fast, mobile units rule. IF i did this again casually I'd proxy all my Ultramarines with a Blood Angels my Troops could be Assault Marines and bring a Dev Squad-that would rock. One thing in retrospect that kind of sucked was not having information on the Scenarios ahead of time was a major there was too much information to process in the 1or 2 mins before the game started. Every scenario had multiple conditions, objects and Terrain on each table a different rules. As a result we screwed up alot, example in my 1st game it was supposed to be "Night Fight" rules which would have help tremendous vs his 36" Vemon cannon's range.
Anyway my sugggestion would be posting 6 scenarios online and then using three on site. That would have at least given us an opportunity to study what we were in for, while still maintaining a surprise element.

Final Thoughts-

Despite the gallery wide screams of "Waaaaaaagh" before every turn of the mega battle..this was pretty interesting..I do it again..I just have to say however that FORGE WORLD deserves the big middle finger for not bringing enough product. They were also really understaffed for an event like this, which is pathetic. I waited in line for Forge World for close to an HOUR. complete bullshit -on top of that..they had no stipulations on how many of an item anyone could buy, AND they opened the store privately to GT people the day before. So all the exclusive games days minis where sold out by like 10:30 am (well the Imperial T-bolt pilot anyway) because they were allowing people to buy mass quantities...( I heard people where buying 7-10) anyway that sucked. SO I waited in line...(you could not find out what was sold out until you waited in line because the three people working were too busy to answer any questions) when I finally was able to order 3 of the 5 things I wanted were sold out. My buy list was 2 Sets of Rhino Armor, the Imperial Thunderbolt Pilot and 2 Empire Cannon emplacements. They only had the Rhino armor. I ask the guy "Ok -I get the pilot- but you're sold out of the empire cannon emplacement??, how freaking popular is that????,"" Well we only bought 12, and when we opened the store for the GT people ,two guys bought them all" he tells me "well you can pay for it now and we will ship it for free when we get back"...yeah right!!! they are writing down mail orders on little scraps of paper at Games Day, like thats not going to get screwed up, both times I have bought stuff from Forge World through normal channels there was a problem both times... No thanks, at least I got my armor.

PS- I forgot about Swag-

I did get some good swag- 3 metal models- an IG commissar, a direct only space marine captain and a cool orc with the $45 ticket..other costs- $11 to park...I still put down about $120 bucks total with the FW stuff but the swag models are worth a few bucks so I figure I got out of there at around $100 out the door..not too bad.


Matt said...
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Matt said...
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Matt said...

Is there any way to get these scenarios online or otherwise? Me and my gaming group were thinking of playing a 500 point tournament and these scenarios sound awesome!

Old Coast said...

Hi Matt,

I still have the hand outs of the scenarios around, I will dig them out this weekend scan them and either post them or just email them to you
thanks for posting.

Matt said...

Thanks alot, email would be great.

Keep up the good work man!

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