Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10 Down, 58 to go!!

I continue to work on my Empire Army, here we have 9 Swordsmen, full command, + a Warrior Priest, a custom magnetized move tray and my first attempt at a free hand banner. I was trying to figure out how long this took me but I am at a loss, I am guessing it roughly takes me about 4-5 hours do 1 figure start to finish, that includes cleaning, building, priming, then painting, the miniature. I let them sit for about a week before sealing them with Dullcote. I dont work on these guys one at time however, as I spent about a month cleaning, assembling, and priming the entire 1000 points (68 models) of this army and now am into the painting..I definitely put more detail than necessary into some these guys given what you can see, but I am liking the way they are coming out.. This should get alot faster, no that I've got the color schemes down and now know what I want, I am shooting to get 9 more swordsmen done in time for my game next tuesday night, I gotten to batch painting them 3 at time and that method definitely saves time, it just depends on how much I obsess over the details. The move tray took about an hour start to finish, its a GF9 wooden tray, I took the dremel to it, beveled it and then based it

Here they are on my table, note the new GW terrain some Arcane Ruins, Citadel Woods, and modular hill in the background. I usually work on terrain one day a week, those woods take the longest by far and they still need work, eventually.


ahschmidt said...

Looking damn fine John!! I have to catch up after gencon and get my skellies ready for violence.

Scott said...

Wow, those look awesome. I really like the shot in the terrain. Sweet!

Rich said...

I like the free hand work - always impressive when someone leaves behind the color by number of miniatures.


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