Monday, August 6, 2007

Empire Update

My scheduled game today got canceled so I spent my time getting these two fellows about finished up. Both are front row characters in my block of Swordsmen in my 1000 point Empire Army. A Warrior Priest and a Sergeant/ Duelist. I wasn't loving any of the available metal models for the Warrior Priest and the Sergeant in the State Troops box wields a great sword, a doesn't scream Sergeant to me. Both these guys are conversions from various kits. The Duelist's head and pistol are from the Pistolier/Outrider spure, the Torso is from a Knight, the running legs are from a Militia sprue and the sword from the Handgunners sprue. The Warrior Priest is head and body are from the Bretonian Man at Arms kit, with the gorget being left over from my general kit. the shield being from a state troops sprue and I can't remember where the Hammer is from, anyway I am liking both these guys quite a bit. I spent the last month assembling and priming the rest of my Empire Army so now that I am fully assembled and playable, I am just painting the full 1000 points before I increase my army size, Although I did buy the Empire Reinforcements Battalion which will push me way above 2000 points when I get it built..I want to play around with a Jade Wizard so I will probably build that and just keep painting for a couple months.


ahschmidt said...

Nice! Sorry that I missed gaming with you last Sunday. We will have to make up a game soon.

I like some of the Empire models, very cool stuff. I have a bunch of work to do on my skellies yet, but they are getting there. Luckily they should be easy to paint.

Old Coast said...

Thanks Aaron! looking forward to the match as soon as we can schedule it.


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