Monday, August 27, 2007

12 days gone?

12 days since my last blog entry, I was thinking this morning what the hell have been doing the last 12 days that's hobby related, this month has really flown by. Let's see, I played my fellow Warhammer rookie, Felix over at the Oak Park store last tuesday, his Wood Elves versus my Empire, a close game that ended a solid draw, hoping to get back in there this week or get something happening at home this weekend.

I've been WIP on another 5 Empire Swordsmen, trying to batch paint to go a bit quicker, I save time with the base coating using this method for sure, its details that are the time sink. I need to get a little less particular on guys that are in a 25 man block, it's coming along, slowly but surely...I have 2 finished and 3 more to go from the current group, then only 8 more. I hope to have the 24 swordsmen complete, by mid next week, so I can move on to some handgunners. I am going to be hard pressed to get 2000 pts built and painted to my standard by the time Adepticon 08, rolls around in the spring. There is going to come a time in fall when the event schedule is posted that I am going to need to quit screwing around with multiple projects choose my events and hammer it out, as well as practice playing.

If I get time to work on anything on Sundays, its usually terrain and I got another modular hill done yesterday...I now have threehills, one woods and the Arcane Ruins built, I still have 2 woods and the new watch tower to go.

I was also messing around with my "Battle for Skull Pass" miniatures. I find the quality of these better than their 40K "Macragge" counter parts which is pretty cool, my intent with these was figure out a way to come up with a way to paint these fast and clean with three colors.. starting with everyone primed black. the goblins are pretty easy...snot green the face...give it a quick wash, red the eyes and spear handle and metal brush the shield and speartip, then give it a quick drybrush of fortress grey, Dwarfs are bit more complicated I am kind of stumped on how to do they have alot more detail.. ideally I want a pair of 500 pt starter armies that are painted a solid TT standard just to have around, need to pick thier army books too.. I will post some pics later.

As far as 40K goes I haven't done jack, I still haven't finished my Assault Marines, and I want to get my Devastor Squad done after that, then dig into three Rhinos. As I am pretty much focused on the Fantasy right now, its not a big deal...As soon as Scott gets time to schedule our next round of Ultramarines VS Thousands Sons ( Which I am sure will be after he gets his hands on the new Chaos book) that will kick me in ass to spend a couple days on 40K.

I've been thinking alot about strategy and tactics for both games. I consider myself a serious strategy game player, so the mechanics of such in any game are important to me. Both games have a strong tactical phase in list creation, but the army list is far more powerful in 40K, putting the most firepower on a target per turn is base concept as I see it, (something my Ultramarines are aspiring to) Developing a list that accomplishes that is half the battle once you put your guys on the table. Since I don't like going with the formulatic list I constantly see for Marines ( 6 man Las/Plas squads), but small squads are definitely key so I am experimenting with 5 man squads in my list right now, which went very well for me when I played against some Dark Angels recently. my next goal is beat Scotts Ksons, good freaking luck there after my last slaughter against him., will see how the new lists go. I think my lists for Fantasy are solid, and since more of the tactical aspect of that revolves around movement, I need to practice, practice, practice.


Scott said...

Wow, You're sweating about beating me? I think the fact that you've declared yourself "serious strategy game player" gives you a leg up over me.

I might just keep putting off our re-match until the new codex.

AP3 is good for me!

Old Coast said...

yeah I figured that about the new codex thing it makes sense, I am super curious about how the lists will play out since your Ksons are already a brick wall for me. don't sell yourself short, unlike me you know how to use your army!!. Let me know, when you're ready for the rematch.

xenite said...

I need to get some of my skeletons done so I can play you and Felix soon. There are too many items on my to do list these days... grrr.

Fritz said...

5 man marine squads- if you are playing generic marines try taking the cleanse and purify trait and you can take two plasma guns. I like running a six man squad in a razorback with a heavy bolter. One of the marines is upgraded with terminator honors and I give him a pair of lightning claws as the rest take bolt pistols and chain swords (take the fight to them trait) and the last marine a flamer. A very heavy hitting assault squad for realativlt small points- at least as marines go. Take the no mercy no respite trait (I think) and you get furious charge which will let you strike first in the assault with an I of 5.


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