Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Battle Report- Empire Vs Wood Elves III

9/25, Games Workshop, Oak Park. 1500 pts.

Army Lists

The Empire (John)

1 Mounted Captain ( Army General)

1 Battle Standard Bearer (Captain)

1 Battle Wizard (Lv 2)

24 Swordsmen- Full Command

10 Free Company (detachment)

5 Archers ( detachment)

10 Handgunners- Marksman w/ HLR

5 Archers (detachment)

10 Crossbowmen, Full Comand

5 Knights - Musician, Preceptor

5 Pistoliers- w/ Outrider

Great Cannon w/ crew

Dogs of War- 20 Dwarf Warriors, Full Command

The Wood Elves- (Felix)

Spellsinger (Army General, lv 2)

Spellsinger (Mounted Captain, Lv 2)

Spellsinger (Mounted Captain, Lv 2)

10 Glade Guard

5 Glade Riders

10 Dryads

10 Dryads

10 Wardancers

5 Wild Riders

5 Waywatchers

Wood Elves deployment- Felix deployed 1st and also went 1st.

Empire Deployment- all the terrain we used definitely hindered my
deployment I didn't have room to deploy shooters 10 wide.

Waywatchers ambush my Cannon and crew turn 1
there wasn't a thing I could do about it. My cannon never fired
a shot this game, nice move felix!

My Dwarf Mercs break a unit of Dryads, they of course
can not catch them, this time.

My swordsmen take on the other Dryad unit, they break
and are overrun!.

Wild Riders are always hard to kill, group magic from Felix's 3 wizards
help the Wild Riders crush my knights.

Until my General joined the fray, his 3 attacks and
the Sword of Sigismund, made the difference.

Wiping out the Wild Riders he then charged the Glade Riders,
taking them all out in a single turn leaving him locked in combat
with the units Spellsinger as the game ended.

Wardancers weeding thru my Swordsmen, However it was not quickly
enough as they broke, then rallied, charged again, and broke a second time
finally running off the table.

My remain Swordsmen and Dwarf mercenaries
battle the last unit of Dryads who break and are overrun
by the dwarfs!



Enemy Units Destroyed -

Spellsinger /Captain - 157 ( Empire General)
Dryads 132 (overrun, Swordsmen)
Dryads 132( ran off table)
Glade Riders- 129 ( Empire General, various shooting)
Wardancers 201 ( Swordsmen/ Dwarfs, run off table)
Wild Riders-166 (Knights, Empire General)


Enemy Units at 1/2 str

Glade Guard 2 of 10- 60

Captured table quarters- 100
( by Swordsmen and Dwarfs)

Capture Unit Standards
1- Wild Riders by Empire General- 100

Captured Battle Standard- 0

Empire Total = 1117

Wood Elves

Enemy Units Destroyed -

Archer Detachment- 40 ( Waywatchers, Glade Guard shooting)
Handgunners- 105 (Waywatchers)
Archer Detachment- 40 (Shooting, Magic)
Crossbowman- 100 (Shooting, Magic)
Knightly Orders- 139 (Wild Riders, Magic)
Pistoliers- 114 ( Glade Riders, Magic)
Great Cannon- 100 ( Waywatchers)


Enemy Units a 1/2 str

Free Company Militia 4 of 10- 25 ( Glade Guard, Magic)
Swordsmen, 12 of 24 -89 (Dryads, Wardancers)


Captured table quarters


Captured units standards


Captured Battle Standard


Wood Elves total - 752

Point difference- EMPIRE + 425


This match was alot closer than it looked, Felix's magic was deadly with 3 casters and he destroyed all my shooting and cavalry units as well as my cannon, leaving me only My 3 Heroes, 13 Swordsman and 14 Dwarfs and 4 Militia Men at the end of game. While he dominated the magic and shooting phases, he relied solely on his strong skirmishers vs my large blocks of troops in close combat. The CR results did him in, as he was forced to break repeatly, in the end being pushed off the table in retreat. More on this game later.


Felix said...

Go Waywatchers! Kill that cannon!

Anonymous said...

Great report guys!

Let me know what other days/nights you're free and maybe I can put my unpainted dwarfs on the table to change it up a bit.


Old Coast said...

Hey Jeff! thanks

Other than tuesday nights @GWOP, I can usually do Sat and Sunday afternoons if I plan it in advance and I could probably squeek in a weeknight game on a weds or thurs evening as well,depending.

I working on setting up another saturday afternoon game at my house on 10/27 if you can make it. I would myself and Felix, and whomever else. I can host 4-6 players so I love to get a big team/sceanrio going on my 4 X 8

whenever you think you got time let me know.

xenite said...

Your game looked fun. I want to get in on the WFB right away but there are a couple of projects a bit in the way. Blah. Very cool report by the way!

Felix said...

Xenite, you should play! We're finally at a points level where Tomb King character dependence doesn't really suck (at least I think). If you can field 1250-1500 I'm good to go. John's a bit on the low side since he's still working on his 1250 "block". Just let me know!

Old Coast said...

Hey Aaron,

felix and I were talking about saturday afternoon the 27th for a larger scenario team game, good day for youto get started with minimal points needed (1000)..I will posting about on the HTR Forum soon..think about it!


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