Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fantasy Ramblings..

So as you can tell if you have been reading this blog at all, I have been playing alot of WFB lately. I've been a little behind the 8 ball on painting. I hope to finish my Handgunners finally tonight. It has taken me way too long to finish a 10 man unit. I haven't been particularly focused, working on some terrain, move trays and various things with my free time. I've still got over 100 models to paint for Adepticon, I am sure I will be painting right up until the days before the event. Due to real life getting in way of my hobbies I have absolutely no painting time until next week. I am setting a goal to get 20 models done in the next three weeks, if I can do that I will be right on schedule. I am going to dedicate my November to working on my Heroes and whatever else I can acomplish (hopefully my cannons) leaving my December and January to be the huge crunch time for me. 18 Cavarly units, another big block of Swordsmen and 20 Flagellants are going to be a huge obstacle. man, its going to be tight. worse case scenario I show up with a couple dozen models with only 3 colors, going to kill my painting scores..but I am determined to play.

Speaking of playing, Felix and I have started a Mighty Empires campaign with several of the guys from Games Workshop, Oak Park store, there are seven of us, the armies being- The Empire. The Wood Elves, Vampire Counts, Orc and Goblins, 2 Dwarf armies and I believe the last army is Lizardmen. Since Felix and I couldn't make it last night due we decided to play each other today at my place to take of this rounds game. so its Wood Elves vs The Empire round 4!. (since we've been doing bat reps) new report with photos to follow!.



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