Thursday, September 6, 2007

Late Night Painting

Finally winding down on the last 5 empire Swordsmen in my 1000 pt Empire army, I should wrap them up and dullcote them by the weekend. 25 units total and its taken me about 5 weeks to paint them. Although I've done textured move trays, terrain and have been assembling dwarfs during my hobbytime time as well. Painting wise if I work at a pace of 5 units a week, its going to take me about 5 more months to finish my 2300 pt army for Adepticon 2008, that should give me roughly two months to work on a display base and tweak stuff. Still its pretty daunting project.. considering I have another 24 Swordsmen and 19 Flagellants in the Army. Empire figures are a difficult unit to paint in comparison to say the "Skull Pass" miniatures because they have loads of little details that are time consuming, I took a night off to mess around with Skull Pass a week or so ago and I painted up three dwarfs and a night goblin in an evening, certainly makes me pause at going with the uber-detailed army. It's the same thing with my Ultramarines, they take awhile too, granted I am faster and better at prioritizing details than I was earlier this year, but still I can't do more that 2 or 3 marines in a week and that's a good pace, the highlighting just takes forever with those guys. Anyway Late night painting it's almost 3am, got to be in the office by 10:00am..Photos are coming, just been lazy with the camera.


Matt said...

Congrats! way to keep at it.

I start 1750 points of Deathwing in two weeks, and I'm looking at that as a ton of work. Here you are painting an Empire army... makes my task seem a lot easier!

Keep it up, good luck with the last few units.

Looking forward to pics.

Old Coast said...

Thanks Matt,

While its not the 150+ models I am working on for my Adepticon List, 1750 Marines is still a big project
my 1500 Ultramarines is 38 units, 6 vehicles, So I figure you are in that ballpark with a squad of Termies to boot!. That's a nice fat project you are diving into so good luck!

I know I will still be working on my Empire when April hits despite my attempts at disciplined schedule..LOL

Photos this weekend-

PS: if you are doing DW termies in the bone/off-white scheme, search the Relic TT forums from the link on the front page, there is a really good tutorial on there for them!


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