Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mighty Empires Round 4

Games Workshop, Oak Park- 12/18

ROUND 4 12/18

Current Scores (in Empire Points, 18 wins)

Chaos- 7
Orcs (Orange)-5
The Empire- 4
Lizardmen (White)- 3
Vampire Counts- 2
Lizardmen (Blue)- 2
Bretonnians- 2
Orcs (Green)- 1


Orcs (Green) - Land Grab
Vampire Counts- Building Boom
Bretonnians- Survey the Battlefield
Lizardmen (Blue) - Scouts
Lizardmen (White)- Disaster @ Chaos- No effect.
Empire- Espionage
Orcs (Orange)- War Tax +150gp
Chaos- Treasure Trove


Orcs (Green) - end of Round 3= 332gp Mines +110gp (total = 442gp)
Lizardmen (Blue)- end of round 3= 280gp Mine 80gp (total = 360 gp)
Orcs (Orange) - end of Round 3 0gp 3 Mines - 240gp + war tax (total= 390 gp)
Chaos- Mine- end of round 3 60gp , Mine +60 (total= 120 gp)
Vampire Counts (total= 184 gp)
The Empire (total-0gp)
Lizardmen (white) (total- 0gp)
Bretonnians end of round 3 (total= 170 gp)


Orcs (Green) Vs Lizardmen (White)
Draw, Not played 1pt each- no bonuses.

Bretonnians Vs Lizardmen (Blue)
Draw, Not played 1pt each- no bonuses.
The Empire Vs Orcs (Orange)
Orcs +143 DRAW

Vampire Counts +180 gp VS Orcs (Orange) +240 gp
Orcs - Solid Victory

Chaos Vs Lizardmen (White)


5 EP takes 2 new tiles and builds a mine,
used 100 gp this turn
Orcs (Orange) -3 EP, Take new tile, builds a city
used 240 gp this turn
Empire- 2 EP, takes new tile
Lizardmen (White)- 1EP, Raids for gold +70gp
Vampire Counts- 1EP, Raids for gold +110gp, Upgrades to city (building boom)
used 180gp this turn
Bretonnians- 1EP, Raids for gold +90
Lizardmen (Blue) - 1EP Raids for gold +50gp
Orc (Green)-
1EP, grabs new tile (land grab)



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