Saturday, December 22, 2007

Monstrous Mounts

Some W.I.P shots of my new Griffon, yeah I know I am supposed to be painting my Knights but after my last game, (facing numerous powerful characters and beasties) I figured my General needed a little more muscle. The Griffon is well costed at 200 points, so in my 2250 army I am giving up my 20 Flagellants to use it. I still debating the pro's and con's as my flaggies have only been relevant in 2 of about a dozen games in which I have used them, but when they worked they where great. With flying 20" charge, and causing terror, my General with a few key magic items can hold his own against all but the most powerful characters in the game. He's also an immediate threat to any armies backfield and war machines. I had been using my General as a support piece for my Swordsmen core so putting him on a Griffon alters my strategy making him an offensive piece. The means I am relying on my Battle Standard Bearer's leadership of 8 to carry my infantry which definitely will take a bit of getting used to, the good news is he can move around pretty easily. The other good news if this works out, it cuts my model count down by 20 pieces, which saves me a month of painting on the army.

I wanted to add this is probably the toughest model I've put together yet, obviously an older model and made of pewter and it did not fit together so great. It require alot of use of the dremel for both drilling holes for metal pins and grinding down unmatched sections of joints. then alot of Green Stuff to fill gaps and re-contour so some of the filed spots. Not a model for beginner for sure took me about 8 hours to build it . I also added a custom magnetic saddle for my General as he didn't fit on the model as well as the original Karl Franz model does. I basically cut the Saddle of a extra horse I had and added the green stuff blanket which has the flags from the Knights lances attached to the end for some extra flare. I also have some custom reigns I made out of the numerous little plastic chains that come with the Flagellant sprues, but they won't get added until the model is done. The base is cork and the model is pinned into both feet with a "U" shape pin going thru the base it's on there rock solid. Needless to say I am excited at the way this is coming out and I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the General on him, doh. Next time!


The Hammer said...

Looks great John. I guess that I'll have to build that Dragon sooner than I'd planned. I also found my Dragon Princes.

Felix Flauta said...

What do Gryphons (Griffons, sp?) do, anyway?

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Fly, so a 20" move / charge
Causes Terror
5 Attacks, WS 5, 4 wounds
changes my tactics completely with my General, so far it's worked, will see
its expensive-


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