Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mighty Empires Round 3

ROUND 3 12/11
(note: there is an error on the map, Chaos didn't have enough points to upgrade to a second city and Lizardmen (white) didnt claim their extra tile, will correct map for next round)


Lizardmen (White)- All or Nothing
Orcs (Green) - Land Grab
Empire- Building Boom
Vampire Counts- War Tax +180 gp
Lizardmen (Blue) - Survey the Battlefield
Orcs (Orange)- Scouts
Bretonnians- Espionage
Chaos- Treasure Trove


Orcs (Green) - Mine 90gp (total = 292gp)
Lizardmen (Blue)- Mine 60gp (total = 180gp)
Orcs (Orange) - Mine- 110gp (total= 110gp)
Chaos- Mine- 60gp (total= 60gp)
Vampire Counts (total= 184 gp)
Empire (total-0gp)
Lizardmen (white) (total- 0gp)
Bretonnians (total= 60gp)


Orcs (Green) Vs Bretonnians
Draw, unplayed- 1pt each no bonuses.

Orcs (Orange) vs Lizardmen (White)
Orcs- Massacre

Empire VS Orcs (Orange) +110 points from gp
Vampire Counts
- Orcs, +2222 Solid Victory, this was a 4k game.

Chaos Vs Lizardmen (Blue)
Chaos, Massacre


Chaos - 5 EP, Takes 2 new tiles, builds the Arcane Monolith

Orcs (Orange) - 4 EP- Takes 1 new tiles, build 2 mines

Empire- 1 EP- + Building Boom , Upgrades Mountain Tile to City.

Lizardmen (Blue)- 1 Ep, Raids for gold + 100 Gp

Orcs (Green)- 1 Ep, Raids for gold +40 gp

Bretonnians - 1EP, Raids for gold + 110gp

Vampire Counts- 1 EP, Upgrade to Castle

Lizardmen (White)- 0 EP (all or nothing)

Map correction were made at end of turn.



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