Sunday, January 6, 2008

GW Rumor Roundup

Updated 1/13

There are a tons of rumors flying around about GW releases for 2008, most of this stuff is complied from Bell of Lost Souls and Warseer but some of it is courtesy of what I hear hanging around at the store.

Feb- LotR- Harad Army Harad Miniatures- Previews are out., The Corsairs of Umbar are awesome...I am grabbing these based on how much I like the models.

March - WFB- Vampire Counts- Full previews are pretty available everywhere.- I'm sold my next WFB army.

April- Plastic Orc Stompa- This has been complete for sometime but they've had trouble fitting the whole thing on 7 sprues which is current box size maximum. the technology created for the Baneblade has opened the door for larger plastic kits, and had enable them to get more stuff on a sprue. So I hear it's done and on 7 sprues waiting for release. Not sure "when" this is actually coming out. April is my speculation. But considering its been done for a awhile now. They probably want it out sooner than later, so "by April" seems ripe.

May- Both Demon books for 40K/WFB...I guess the 40K one will be compatible with the new 5th edition before its even released, seems odd to me but I've read and am told this is happening in May

June- 5th Edition of Warhammer 40,000/ New starter Set Space Marines and Orks a new SM codex. unknown??- however fits the profile of the redone DA, BA and BT codexes talk of redoing the SM codex was in the air at Adepticon 2007, so a new 40K edition and a new SM codex go hand in hand. They dont need to do any new models so it's pretty much a given.

June/ July - WFB- Dark Elves...New Book, New Plastics but not core troops...Little else is known, June is speculation but trying to fill in the gaps considering alternating releases.

July/ Aug- Imperial Guard- New book and some new models like non Forgeworld Death Korp and some other cool stuff., Time slot is speculation on my part. But I hear/read the new guard is coming and way overdue.

I am also told there is big Mordor release for LotR with new models and a new army book, so consider, WFB/ Dark Elves, 40K/ Imperial Guard, and LotR /Mordor the most likely summer releases.

September/ Oct - Planetstrike. New game book for 40K, Large plastic kits and terrain pretty much confirmed. Plastic Valkyrie, Thunderhawk Gunship, Defense Laser, I assume a bunch of other accompanying terrain and buildings, everyone is saying of course plastic drop pods..but I hear they are NOT a done deal (technical issues) While Apocalypse wasn't my cup of tea, as the scale is too big and even team games the turns are just too damn long. Planetstrike sounds very cool, smaller battles with defined missions using flyers sounds great, combined with a new edition of 40K means I will definitely be dusting off my Marines!

That all I can think of right now, I hope there is some new Fantasy Terrain in there somewhere.

5 comments: said...

In fairness the summer campaign is meant to be arriving as well...

So we may see some special stuff come out for that too.

But the SM codex hits either on the month of a new edition, or early the month after. (so they have distinct releases and don't focus on both in the magazine)

The Ork vs SM starter set is meant to be a homage to the original sample mission in Rogue Trader. Taking place on a farm somewhere.

The only thing of note is PLASTIC GRETCHIN will be coming out in the starter box, that alone will make it a good seller with all ork players. I know I intend to get one or two for myself...

Old Coast said...

excellent, appreciate the new info!
thanks for dropping by. said...

further rumourage is that there may be a two part plastic space marine dreadnought in the new starter box.

Which is awesome news.

Also there was further speculation of some support in the form of a plastic dredd or kan for the orks.

But you may see some nice scenery in the box like the last one. How many people got the last one for just miniatures and scenery?

I haven't heard any talk of the other one being pulled from the shelves, so we may see a last minute clearance sale on the boxes.

Planetstrike is supposedly being pushed to 2009. But the launches are still always liable to change depending on what is available miniature wise in the three to six month lead up.

And I haven't heard much on this years campaign, so we may see planetstrike hit for that.

Old Coast said...

The new White Dwarf has a nice spread on a "Battle for Rynn" scenario which my pals at our local GW say will be the new starter set, They don't know (or wont spec)the contents, but from the "special" scenario in the WD its

Space Marines - Crimson Fists

10 Man Tact squad, with Missle and Flamer
5 man squad with Chainswords and Pistols


12 Boyz w/ Slugga and Choppa
12 Boyz w/ Shoots
5 Burna Boys
Deff Dread

No SM dread there, but a two piece one would sure be killer!!

Terrain in the Scenario is a Farm built from City Fight Sprues and Big Generator, Some Crates/ Equipment and a few fences.

New Plastic demons looks really cool, the only show Bloodletters and Demonettes..I agree I hear Planetstrike is definitely 2009 as well- said...

I am in Oz, so we are a month behind, we don't see the new WD with the articles you talk about until 5th march...

Which is a pain as we all read what everyone else is talking about in the next issue for us. (and we can't comment on it till it is too late.)


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