Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mighty Empires Round 5

Games Workshop, Oak Park 1/8

Current Scores (in Empire Points, 18 wins)
map post round 4 results-

Chaos (Black)- 9
Orcs and Goblins-6
The Empire- 5
Lizardmen (White)- 3
Vampire Counts- 2
Lizardmen (Blue)- 2
Bretonnians- 2
Chaos (Green)- 2
(Note, Ken our Orcs player had to drop out so he is being replaced by Josh also running Chaos )


Chaos (Green) -Building Boom
Vampire Counts- Espionage
Bretonnians- Land Grab
Lizardmen (Blue) - Scouts
Lizardmen (White)- All of Nothing
Empire- Survey the Battlefield
Orcs (Orange)- Disaster @ Chaos- No effect.
Chaos- Treasure Trove


Orcs (Green) - Mines +120gp (total = 120gp)
Lizardmen (Blue)- end of round 4= 410gp Mine 80gp (total = 490 gp)
Orcs (Orange) - end of Round 4 150 3 Mines - 220gp + war tax (total= 370 gp)
Chaos (Black)-end of round 4 20gp Mine +140 (total= 160 gp)
(mine destroyed during revenue phase)
Vampire Counts end of round 4 =4 gp , (total 4gp)
The Empire (total-0gp)
Lizardmen (white) Mine (total- 70 gp)
Bretonnians end of round 4- 170gp + Mine 90gp (total= 260 gp)


Empire 2250 Vs Chaos (Black) 2450 (+100 LE bonus + 100 gp)
Chaos +1032 Solid Victory

Chaos (Green) 2000 VS Bretonnians 2000
Bretonians +1100 Solid Victory

Vampire Counts 2000 VS Orcs 2126 (126 gp)
Orcs, Massacre

Lizardmen (Blue) VS Lizardmen (White)


+4 EP, takes new tile, upgrades to a city
Orcs ( Orange)
+5 EP, takes two new tiles, upgrades a mine.
+4 EP, 2 new tiles, upgrades to castle (land grab)
Lizardmen (White)
+2 EP, takes new tile
Lizardmen (Blue) +2 EP, takes new tile
+1 Ep, upgrades to castle
Vampire Counts
+1Ep, Raids for gold +30 gp
Chaos (Brown)
+1 Ep upgrades to Arcane Monolith
Orcs (Green)
+1 Ep raids for gold 50 gp.

Ken our Orc (green) player is back in, as well a Josh our new chaos player, who becomes the brown player.



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