Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Order of the Blazing Sun

Finally finished my Empire Knights, Order of the Blazing Sun. In a 2 x 6 formation this is pretty large unit of Knights, you don't see them much bigger than this in one group. My opponents usually do a double take when I drop them on the table. (I do wish they performed a bit better, having a string a crap luck with them of late.) It's 24 Models including the horses and it took me a couple of hours a night for just over a month to paint. In addition to that I definitely put some extra time into the freehand on the standard and the unit champion.

The knightly orders box isn't stocked for a unit this large from one particular order so there are bunch of conversions in order to make them as individual as possible. The heads of the musician, and the guys in the center are all custom. They are modified heads of Knights Panther parts, augmented with parts for the Empire Generals kit and green stuff. The musicians horn and the unit champions head are from the Pistoliers sprue.

These guys were a tough nut to crack, and doing a big unit like this does get monotonous, especially when every horse took twice as long as its rider to do, with the obvious exceptions. I still need to touch up the border of the bases, I am still going back and forth on what color to paint them. We'll see how they start performing now that they are fully painted up, because I am told that fully painted models always perform better!!! ( at least according to Art ) well see, I am playing Jeff from Hammer's Blog and his High Elves on Friday. Thanks for checking them out!
(the massive snow storm we had friday, forced us to reschedule, hopefully soon!)


Bill said...

The Knights look really good. I have had a chance to see them up close and I really like the weathered metal look that has been achieved here. The free hand on the standard is also top notch.

Great Job.

Josh said...

Yah, they were already looking awesome; I'll try to get a closer look on Tuesday.

Warphammer said...

I like the dark gunmetal look. Very nice.


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