Saturday, October 11, 2008

Better luck with Wizards

Haven't had much luck with Wizards in my WFB gaming...I never seem to be able to get a spell off- either bad dice or my opponent has 10+ dispel dice..anyways this guy has been waiting for some paint for long time, I so I painted him up this while I still was on a painting groove. Hoping a new model will bring me some luck as I really want to work a wizard back into my list. I'll be working on Osgiliath this weekend, not sure whether I'll get enough done for an update.


RonSaikowski said...

He looks really nice, I almost didn't notice the rock base he stands on because of the terrain underneath.

Nice job.

Bill Lim said...

Gotta agree, looks top notch. More "fluffy" than your other one (which still looked very good in my opntion. By fluffy I mean its very clear he is a Bright Wizard.

Keep up the good work

Aaron said...

very nice work from what I see here. I can't wait to see your Empire army in person some day.


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