Monday, October 20, 2008

The Osgiliath Project- Phase Three

Phase three- The city construction is the longest and most complicated phase. Its been about 7 weeks since the last update and while I've been working on lots of other things this is always near the top of the list. Figuring out exactly "what" my city was going to be was half the battle. I managed to collect the bulk of models during the month of September and have recently gone to work on them. While nowhere near complete, I have finished a section of wall and the collapsing church centerpiece is ready to be painted, all other buildings are in pieces. I've added alot of photos here so you can get the idea..the next step will be to build and paint everything, the final step will be detailing.

Above you can see a finished section of 0uter wall, the brick facade has be added with the arches clearly visible from the deteriorating wall of a city under siege. There are 3 feet of wall, that is smallest section. I'm thinking about bringing a up another shade in color but need to wait to see some more painted structures before I decide. (walls are Hirst Arts)

Flip side of the same wall, I am going to paint some block detail on the flat unfinished surfaces.

The half ruined church from Armorcast is of resin and the table center piece...they make two versions of this "full" and "totally destroyed", I bought half of each and combined them to a
"half destroyed" version. The roof is plastruct pieces supported by strips of wood.

The Interior of the church, the floor is again Plastruct card stock, the rear section is test paint, again I want to brighten that up more..few more shades to go. Only the front half is fixed to the base, the rear half is completely removable and the roof is removeable so you can get in there an move stuff if you have to.

Front of the church, almost looks whole from this angle.

Here is a long shot, where you can get some idea of length and scale. My celt barbarian stands on the wall vigilant. Eventually everything will be based on hardboard like the church, even the streets.I want it all to fit together, so you don't see much of the green other then near the waters edge and outer walls.

My Empire Warrior priest stands in for Scale purposes.

Church interior, it will be rubble strewn but with plenty of room to fight.

Looking out of the church toward the water, again a scale shot.

Mordor Orcs hitting the beach, my Celt doesn't stand a chance!.


Bill Lim said...

looks frikken great. I can't wait to see this in person. If possible can we get an overhead or 3/4 view of the whole setup including the waters edge? Looks really top notch so far, I agree about waiting on the next (3rd?) drybrush of the walls, until after you see how much is needed on the building pieces. If you are looking for more "normal" buildings, you might want to check out flying tricycle's line of fantasy buildings (pretty sure you have seen the couple that I have). They are really nice kits, all lazer cut bass wood, but they have some nice texture in them already. Look speciffically at the "bridge house" and the "terror tower" those are my two favs.

Good luck with the rest of the project!

RonSaikowski said...

Looks great.

I agree with waiting to see how a few more buildings look before deciding to go any shades lighter.

You could always vary the shades of the buildings too, make some lighter and then some darker.

Scott said...

Nice work, John. I've been toying with the idea of playing LotR. It would be cool to play it on a board this awesome.

xenite said...

Hey John! This is looking sick! I havn't done any casting in several months, and this is getting me inspired to get back into it. I want to make some FoW city terrain that I think would be a cool project for some resin work.

Once I get my WFB army in action... don't laugh... I will have to come down to do some gaming on your amazing table!!


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