Friday, November 28, 2008

The Painting Challenge, Part 2- Round 1

11/25@ Games Workshop, Oak Park

We completed round 1 of the painting challenge last tuesday, all in all it was great success. We had 7 of the 8 players attend as Joe ended up having to work late and unfortunately miss the round Pictures of all the all the armies can be found HERE or under "The Painting Challenge"
in the galleries sidebar. As Joe couldn't make it we had Nate stand in with the store lizardman army. We played two rounds of 500 points games, which were fast and furious many of them ending by round 3. Bonus point's were awarded in the style of "Mighty Empires" Empire Points to be used later in January.Each army was also judged on how they did this round and awarded 1 to 4 points based on completion to their "own" standard. combined these two rounds and the "completion score"
gave you your round totals.

ROUND 1- 500 points

Bill- Wood Elves
Completion Score 3
Game 1 - Massacre vs Beasts of Chaos
Game 2- Massacre vs High Elves
Round 1 Score -13

Billy- Skaven
Completion Score 3
Game 1 - Massacre vs Ogres
Game 2- Massacre vs Beasts of Chaos
Round 1 Score- 13

Chris- Bretonnians
Completion Score 1
Game 1 - Massacre vs Lizards
Game 2- Massacre vs Ogres
Round 1 Score- 11

John - Daemons of Chaos
Completion Score 2
Game 1 - Massacre vs High Elves
Game 2- Minor Victory vs Lizards
Round 1 Score -10

Bob- Ogres
Completion Score 2
Game 1 - Loss to Skaven
Game 2- Loss to Bretonnians
Round 1 Score - 4

Andre- Beasts of Chaos
Completion Score 1
Game 1- Loss to Wood Elves
Game 2- Loss to Skaven
Round 1 Score -3

Mike- High Elves
Completion Score 1
Game 1- Loss to Daemons
Game 2- Loss to Wood Elves
Round 1 Score -3

Next Round is 12/9..we'll have 9 players so far signed up...Joe will be back with his new Warriors of Chaos and Nate will bring his own Lizards and join the fun. 1000 points games...we will shoot for 2 rounds.


Bill Lim said...

THis was a lot of fun 500 points are super quick games, but hopefully will give us all a taste of each others army. I really enjoyed the woodelves (though its hard to argue with 3 massacres. Looking forward to ramping up to 1K. John if I snap some of my own pics and write up another "guest article" is that cool?

John@Plastic Legions said...

By all means Bill, write up what you'd like and I will post it up..

Bill Sullivan said...

I may do some of that myself, once I get my hands on some more paint... Got to get the Plague Monks up and running, they've just got too many damn attacks to pass up.


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