Friday, May 8, 2009

On the new GW June releases

Here a brief update on my last GW post

This one slipped through the rumor cracks. This is the first time I've seen this, pretty cool however its somewhat redundant with the Arcane Ruins...but it seems to me combining both those kits could lead to a really nice scenery piece...since I have an unbuilt Arcane Ruins lying around this looks like something I will pick up.

Also released is a new Empire Battalion including the much talked about new Greatsword kit.
Seems like the $41.75 for ten plastics was not a misprint or website error.. even with the extra bits included in the kit, I still waiting to see someone from GW justify a 95% price increase over the standard $22 troop box. Battalions have $90.00 for good long while and that is seen by most as a pretty good price. If you notice the price isn't listed for this yet while the GW bean counters figure out how to price it. This is a much better battalion troop wise than the previous one...30 state troops is what should be in a battalion, plus you get Knights and some Greatsword as Specials. Problem is the retail on these individually is $142.75..that kind of blows the battalion pricing concept out of the water I'm guessing GW stamps a $130-135 retail on this..... so you get a slight deal but the problems/questions remain. Why are the Greatswords so expensive?, and if you going to bump the price that much Then the Empire needs new Knights!..8 Knights is a left over from 6th edition you want 5 or 10 these days Eight's somewhat useless and your paying extra for unused models. New Knights along the lines of the new Chaos Knights would go along way to justifying the price increases..instead this isn't really any kind of deal. As an Empire player your better of just buying 4 boxes of state troops because Empire Knights can be had cheap as hell on ebay simply because they have been around so damn long! Just a bit of wisdom from a guy with a 4K Empire Army, PASS on the new battalion. Greatswords look cool but you need 20 models to have a really useful unit, So with sales tax your looking a $90 for a plastic unit? I don't know about that.


Anonymous said...

Im told by local GW employees the crazy price of the Greatswords is a "pricing experiment"
One that will fail, because Im also told that everyone i know with an Empire army says "I was going to buy at least 20, but not at this price"

Marcus said...

On the UK site, the new Empire Battalion is listed as £60, which is even a bit more, than the new 40K Imperial Army Battleforce(s) (£53.85).

On the German site, the price is 85€, which is exactly the same as the new Imperial Army sets.

Hooray for a totally random price policy!


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