Sunday, May 3, 2009

Santa Domingo, Hispaniola.

A combination of our club night getting moved to my place as well as my upcoming Spanish Main campaign, I am fortunate enough to have alot of other peoples work at my house. One the great things about gaming with alot of talent people is when you all get your stuff together the results are pretty awesome. Today I started putting tables together for the Scenarios of my upcoming event and I was happily suprised when I realized how much stuff I current had at my disposal and how well it all works together. Below we have my "town" for my Legend of the High Seas event coming uo 5/15. I still need to add my dock, but this is a great layout with a dozen buildings, 4 of them borrowed from friends including some vegetation from the Pirate Castle, there are 5 tables for the event...I'll be showing them all of in the next few weeks but here, you go- Santa Domingo, Hispanola circa 1719.

Thanks to Bill, Billy for the Flying Tricycle stuff and Rich for the tropical vegetation!

As an added bonus Tim from Cursed Treasures who is the author of the High Seas book has been kind enough to trade me some of his painted Cannibals for my upcoming event. These models from old glory look awesome and I am very happy to own some of Tim's work...these guys will show up as NPC's in the event..and will surely throw the players a curve ball..nothing like being a pirate and having to worry about the Royal Navy and then the Cannibals show up. Tim sent me a bunch of stuff but also included here are some awesome markers for "X marks the spot" thanks again Tim!, I'll make sure I keep track of the body count for you.

painted by Tim Kulinski


jlong05 said...

That is some nice looking terrain. I got to see those models first hand as Acon while I helped Tim with the High Seas games. They really are nice models. I wouldn't mind picking up a few for myself for future High Seas fun.

Bill Lim said...

Table looks really sweet. I am honored that I am gonna get to play on it. Now I just gotta get my butt in gear and get some more painting done...

I'll keep you posted.

Tim Kulinski said...


Nice looking table man, it a shame you live in the midwest, I would like to have come over for a few games!

I hope you enjoy the stuff I sent, the unpainted figs are from Black Cat Bases as well as the canoe. Because of he size difference I could not mix them into my current set of Cannibals.

Bill Sullivan said...

Great stuff, John, it's always nice to see my stuff get used in larger settings like that. (Plus I love town tables, must be the 40K junkie in me...)

Scott said...

That really is a fantastic table. Great work.


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