Monday, August 10, 2009

GW - product update

A just couple things for those of us who mostly appreciate all things Games Workshop. Here's a brief reiteration of info that's out there for those that don't want to do the digging.

September- Space Hulk - 10 Terminators, Metal Librarian, 20 Genestealers, Metal Broodlord. 3D terrain. Is not Prepainted. Word is these are existing models. However speculation remains that it's new Space Marine chapter (i.e, one without its own Codex) so perhaps a conversion sprue. Its limited release going to Stores only. It's all but officially confirmed this is the mystery box. (Note two different Black Shirts told me at GD the M-Box was Space Hulk)

Current info matches up with below released teasers

-August/september they are selling a box set for around £50. (@$70 USD)

-It is a completely stand alone set that is not related to any race.
Rumor- New Space Marine Chapter

-It is something that GW has never done before.
Limited Release/ Design Studio led Project

-Some local stores are only getting one shipment; when that sells out it will no longer be available.
Limited Release

-You can't advance order it. You have to be there on the day to get it.
Limited Release

-It is not Planetary Empires.

-It is a board game.

Also WFB Orc player re-joyce next month is new release of killer new Azhag the Slaughter plastic kit..the photos where up on Warseer months ago and the plastic Wyvern
screams of tons of conversion possibilities.
(edit 8/21-- Arghh..scratch the above.this turns out to an $82.00 metal model..what a waste!!!!)

Space Wolves- New Codex, New models, Warseer has the best, most current info.

- New Army book and new plastic Models based the Skaven art for Computer Game WAR. Skaven are much more sinister looking than some of the older models plus they are bringing back the Doomwheel!..with a smaller new plastic model. We are a going to see of ton of the older Skaven armies out of mothballs and back on the table in November, that's for sure.
(Edit 8/21- Confirmed September White Dwarf)

December- I'm not seeing, reading or hearing much for December releases they are a variety of new Models for all the lines coming out before years end perhaps December is the month for the lot of them..we are also so for some kind of War of the Ring release..I assume before years end.

2010- Word out there is that 2010 is the year for Fantasy as this year was Dominated by 40K..two 1st quarter releases with a new Beast of Chaos army book and lots of new models and a new Tomb Kings of Khemri army book with new models.(likely slipping to second quarter) 3rd Book is speculation but Bretonnians is the leading candidate. Rumors of WFB 8th edition are out there as well..with the continuous power creep of the new books only a new ruleset can pull everything together.but I don't think they can do it until the oldest of those 6th ed books get a redo which after above only leaves Ogres...with Woodies and Dwarfs being the 1st books of an 8th Ed.

The GW website has been updated with ton of free articles from White Dwarf of late all you need to do is register, Check out the White Dwarf Archive and Astronomican for some good stuff.


eriochrome said...

Only a week away til the details are supposedly released. Currently I look at it as well if those are the real models they are a great value but they will probably be 4th and 5th edition starter set based and I have good supplies of termis and stealers already.

oni said...

I hope you're right, but at the same time I hope you're wrong. I hope you're right because I'd love to play Space Hulk again with all new stuff. I hope you're wrong because its limited and I may not get one.

Peter said...

Yay woodies... that sounded a bit wrong. I'm really looking forward to space hulk it's been AGES since I played it and I don't even own it anymore, can't wait!

Do you not think If they do termies as that price that everyone will but the assualt bits and convert them rather then buy the ridiculously priced box set?

John@Plastic Legions said...

It would make sense that the termies are Black Reach sprues and the Stealers are Macragge Sprues
but this whole "new chapter" thing has me confused..that could be just some BS.

I think AoBR already polluted the terminator pool GW knew that going in and figured sale of the 5 man- $50 box would survive it. Since SH is a limited release it can only go so much further over what AoBR already did.

The discussion about SH my group had was focused around the pre painted rumor..and why that's such a brand killer for GW, imagine hordes of pre-painted terminators showing up a events and the hell that would raise among people. The only way pre painted stuff could keep brand integrity is if they do a different scale...imagine if the surprise is Space Hulk and its pre painted but in 20MM or that be something.

Friedel said...

I don't believe that there will be wood elves in a starter box. However that'll be cool

John@Plastic Legions said...

I don't either..I was the saying the 1st new army books of an WFB 8th Edition would be Wood Elves and those books were released under 6th ed but on the cusp of the 7th ed release with new ruleset in mind so they're wont be a 7th ed update. I read somewhere an 8th Edition Starter would be Empire and Orcs..boring but expected.


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