Monday, August 17, 2009

Space Hulk

So Space Hulk arrives The funny thing is there isn't any mention of the said mystery box and I have not gotten the accompanying newsletter yet. From the content photos It looks like all pieces are plastic, its not existing models, but individual "FFG" game piece style models. there is no 3D terrain..just cardboard punchouts. It still looks very cool but nothing on par with all rumors out there regarding the contents. Also selling via the website doesnt really meet the speculated the limited release rollout (i.e "stores only") For whatever reason I am thinking there still might be a surprise to come, as in this might be the standard "new' edition and there is a fancy limited edition with all the bells and whistle waiting to be announced..It does say "while stocks last" on the splash photo so..maybe not..I will update this later today should details change. Make to check out the Space Hulk, First Contact page as well. I am going to pre order this as I only ever played the old Space Hulk PC game and it looks like a great 2 person board game.

Edit 11:30am CST-: Looks like this is all she wrote folks, disappointing there isnt more to rumors about the 3D plastic terrain would have been sweet but honestly that doesnt really hold up with $100 price tag, I am digging the new miniatures and am glad its not recycled sprues of other stuff.

BoLS posted a kick ass You Tube intro video as well.


eriochrome said...

Knowing how much they charge for plastic terrain I really am not suprised by it not being there. I would expect the amount of plastic needed to make a good modular board 3D is probably about a cities of death imperial city box so that is twice the cost of this box.

Models look nice. Might have to call my FLGS today to get ordering details.

Dezartfox said...

The amount of sprues needed for 3d plastic boards would be ridiculous, the box is already 4Kg, SH maps are sometimes quite large too...


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