Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Golden Daemons SCAMMED

Nothing like a good rant to start out the week right, although I type this with as much sadness as disgust. While I know this kind of stuff goes on I hate that its at such a high profile. What we have here are a pair of complete assholes in operation at their finest. Apparently the winning Gold Golden Daemon entry in this years Fantasy category (not sure what specific category) Was not painted by the person who entered it as their own work. Not only that but this asshole walked away with three Golden Daemons all of which were painted by someone else but again represented as his work. The best is this shallow gem of a human being known as Marc Schmelze apparently either didn't clue the painter in that you need to show up and present your own work or the Painter was dumb enough not to care as they themselves exposed this scam on Cool Mini or Not by brazenly tagging the piece as this years Gold GD winner, then citing the painter by name and the guy who won as the collector. This is crazy ballsy and stupid. If you physically can't get your ass to Games Day, you cant win. End of Story. The rules are clear. Mr. Schmelze obviously orchestrated this scam whether or not the painter is culpable or some clueless dimwit is still unknown. GW knows whats going on here is correcting the error and re-assigning trophies to the proper winners and will of course enforce permanent bans on both these idiots.
Being that I was there this year and the fact that the Golden Daemons are the absolute highpoint of Games Day this pisses me off to no a painter/ hobbyist..who strives to get something I might think is good enough to one day make the 1st cut..I know how much work goes into these events. For some fucking tool to come in and buy himself three trophies makes me want inflict some serious pain. So Mr Marc Schmelze please go fuck yourself..and Karol Rudyk...get your head out of your ass- too bad you blew're obviously a great painter.

Original story courtesy of Dave Taylor Miniatures


MaD MeK said...

I agree with your frustration in this instance. Nothing is more upsetting than putting in hours of work on a miniature, and then have someone pull this type of stunt.

Peter said...

I agree, rants are the way to start the week. and I agree, who the hell does he think he is? The rest of us work hard and play by the rules to get a slim chance of winning and someone comes along and ruins it... GARAAGH!

RonSaikowski said...

It's disappointing to say the least.
I think so many people hold the really good painters up to a higher standard... maybe even role models in some respect (becasue of their determination, skill, patience, effort, etc.) and then this.

I mean realy folks, if it's that important, you can have mine if I ever win one.

Peter said...

@Ron SHOTGUN! just kidding, I couldn't ever pass anything off as my own or take something rightfully deserved off them (you should try for one Ron). The fact that I will never win one ever doesn't worry me as long as the standard keeps increasing as it is, it is a pleasure enough just to look at these masterpieces

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but the ratings for that artist are getting hammered on CMON, so he/she is reaping what they sow.

ZeroTwentythree said...

I don't know about previous GD events, but I know some of the GT and/or White Dwarf featured armies have not been painted by the people claiming to have painted them either. I hate to say this, but I don't think this is really an isolated incident.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Hey Thomas

yeah I've heard the same grumblings this in the GT has a much bigger impact on GD's (IMO) as the amount of work entailed and competition level are so high, (not it wasnt at GT's, it's still cheating its just feels worse.

Not to mention these two are now caught doing this in 2008 and the Painter is actually a GD him/herself somewhere along the way. It seems like this guy Marc buys alot of stuff from this artist and goes around entering in competitions as his own..there is a good thread full of excoriation and outrage over at CMON..going now.

Kevin said...

Even though he didn't enter any of the categories I entered at Chicago, I'm still pissed about it. Thank you for posting this Jon, I hope everyone on the internet knows the name of these docuhebag pricks!

Michael said...

Your foul language is not appropriate and a sign of weak character. The way GW organises the competition is laughable and eyeryone who takes the judging seriously is naive at best.

ZeroTwentythree said...

I agree, to an extent, regarding the GD vs. GT.

But as someone who is a decent painter of armies, but not really a GD quality painter, it irks me to see GT armies end up featured in WD (and paraded around various painting forums) that people are falsely claiming to have painted themselves when they hired a service to do it.

So it's more a matter of scale. I'm not good ehough to relate as much to the GD painters, though I'd certainly be pissed off if I was a GD painter.

And again, I unfortunately assume this isn't the only person doing this sort of thing.

John@Plastic Legions said...

@ 023...I hear you man. If you see something occurring like that you should call them out..I am sure you're right..given the opinion of Michael whose posted above you here some people have no honor and will inevitably exploit something just to satisfy some inner weakness.

@Michael- Thanks for reminding me I need to ban anonymous or unregistered posters..if you want to man up, join a discussion and justify your attitude please do..until then bye.

Tim Kulinski said...

Nice Post man, nothing like a good old rant to get going. I hear you on this and I can't believe that GW did not catch this guy before. It seems that some people have to go to any lengths to win.

I let folks know that if I paint for them, that they will not be able to win because they did not paint it themselves. If I ever saw anything that I painted win something that I did not enter I would voice my opposition on it and let the organizers know. Thats why I feature all the armies on my blog while I am painting them.

But after running a few events I can tell you some times its hard to know if the person entering the model has painted the item. I mean you can ask and if they tell you they did you can't do much unless some one "outs" them. If GW has found out and they are disqualfing the people thats about all they can do.

It still sucks that these people had to sink to this level!

King of Lead Mountain said...

Michael again.

Dry your tears love.

The Hammer said...

Nice post John. I agree on all points. I hope GW follows through on rectifying the results of the competition. They haven't been winning the hearts and minds of the gaming/hobby community lately.

I would have loved to see the 'fake' winner's rebuttal to your rant. But he's probably hiding some place...or he should be.


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