Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2010- the year of Warhammer Fantasy.

This thread over at Warseer adding fuel to what I've been hearing and reading from some folks at GW as well as various places on the web. 2010 is gearing to be a year for WFB, like 2009 was for 40K, We got Skaven in this November followed by Beast of Chaos and Tomb Kings the first half of next year with third unnamed release in the 4th quarter.

The bigger news however is aa huge organized summer campaign in the works, based on the Empire versus Von Carstein (my friend Bill and I are going to love that) and an actual WFB rules amendment (lets call it 7.1 Ed) with changes in some rules, specifically cavalry (whether this changed rules or added is unknown) and a bunch of second, third and even 4th wave release of cavalry models for various armies..Rumor has it that my wish of new fancy Empire Knights in line with GW's great new plastics is finally coming, although I currently have 17 Knights completely done. I'll definitely be adding a whole lot more...hell with I have extra...I could run an all mounted Empire Army..(thou I don't how well that would do, but it would sure look cool)

Further analysis from ultimate insider and rumorlord "Harry" say yes he's hearing these things too...but certain things are not necessarily tied together (meaning the rules, the campaign and new models aren't all tied together but are planned releases, order and relevance still unknown). However it shakes out, next year is going to be great for us WFB players. Also pure speculation but with the success of Space Hulk and year of WFB releases in the works can a new updated Warhammer Quest also be in the works?..think about it.


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

I assumed WFB was getting an 8th ed box next year. Do you think this 7.1 will be a box set or just a PDF update to the current book?

John@Plastic Legions said...

not sure on format but from what I read its definitely a 7th ed..spruce up rather than a new Edition..I "Think" they want to get all the old books up to 7th before moving to if the do Rats BoC, Tk's that leaves Ogres and Brets from old 6th ed..making Dwarfs and Wood Elves (last 6th ed books..that work in 7th) the first books of an eight ed..with a box set of Empire and Orcs coming on release with those books soon to follow. If GW follows their own pattern that's how it will play out.

The old balls are Forge World is doing Chaos Dwarfs..that could come out late 2010 I hear they been working on it for awhile.
Jes Godwin (sp?) has also recently been talking about an updated Dogs of War..

All of this seems to indictate that with a rules "touch up" the have another two years of releases before they need to go to an 8th ed and start all over again..

Tim Kulinski said...

John, I or one would love to see a new version of Warhammer Quest! Although I still have the first version, if its anything like the new Space Hulk I will be all over that!

On the WFB stuff, I really wish they would get all the books out before updating the rules again. I stopped playing WFB before this release because I could not keep up with it. I sold my huge VC army and all the rest because of the rules always changing.

So we shall see what WFB holds for 2010, maybe the huge (4000 point) Khemri army I have will come out again, just need to build it!

Scott said...

Once in a while I get this bug to play WHFB. I've got it again after seeing the preview of the new skaven in the latest white dwarf.

I tried to buuild a skaven army years ago before they had any plastic. I can't imagine how heavy a all-metal skaven army would be.

I hated the plastics when thye came out so that was the end of that. These new ones look awesome, however.

ZeroTwentythree said...

Where/what have you heard about Jes mentioning DoW? I'd love to see a return.

I'm trying to ignore the hype over Space Hulk, as I decided that as a non-40k player (and thus no secondary use for the figures) the price tag was too high. That's balanced out by the boatloads of cash I'll probably start shelling out to GW, starting with the long anticipated (by me at any rate) Skaven revision. But I'm excited that there may be more in line than just the ratmen. :)

John@Plastic Legions said...

@Scott...I would love to see you come to the dark side with some Rats keep me posted if you cave in, also
I like that Handlebar idea..if you got the time afterwork shoot me a email, mondays are best for quick one after work. I want to hear all about your new girl and how its going!

@ Thomas..RE; DoW
I believe it was text from an interview from Jes at GD was on Warseer I think..definitely some speculation in there with his comments..


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