Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Space Hulk- Suicide Mission

Space Hulk Mission Recap

Blood Angels-

Sgt Lorenzo
Brother Zael
Brother Omino
Brother Noctis
Brother Deino

Genestealers- Hordes

Game 1- I played the BA, while Bill ran the Stealers.
I move cautiously into room 1, Omino opens the Southern Door and stands on Overwatch..Zael is protected from the rear and the Sgt leads the way to the East. Genestealers start pouring into the southern hallway..Omino's stormbolter is on fire and he drops at least a half dozen Genestealers single handedly from the south..the other move eastward while Deino stays back to support the rear should Omino fall. Blips are coming in from the east, both passages. Sgt Lorenzo is rushed but cuts thru three Stealers with his powersword. Zael blocks the northern passage with a blast from the flamer, killing another stealer. Lorenzo and Zael head North as Deino stands on Overwatch guarding the lower east tunnel. More blips are coming, My dice are on fire and the Blood Angels are dropping Stealers left and right almost 2 dozen kills at this point. To the rear Omino is finally overrun in the first room. Noctis and Deino are now back to back guarding the north tunnel with Genestealers coming from the east and west. Lorenzo and Zael are at the quad junction near the launch control room. Lorenzo steps thru the intersection so Zael can head north, moving backward flaming the intersection in retreat, Cannot do it, Lorenzo is still the way .Noctis brings up the rear from the junctions east side. Deino is now dead. Genestealers coming 4 ways now.. Lorenzo only gets 1 command point on the redraw this round!..he's shoots misses and goes on "Guard"...Stealers assault him in a long line..he cuts down, 1,2, the 3rd one kills him, they are on Noctis now...he quickly falls..Zael is alone , the launch room is 3 squares behind him...he won't get another chance to fire out of AP, no Command Points...Genestealers mob the passage...Zael Dies his objective in sight.

(close but no cigar, upward of 30 kills for the Blood Angels the game went at least 12-15 turns)

Game 2- I played the Genestealers, Bill played the Blood Angels.

I had a slightly different approach than Bill, I let my blips build up and didnt strike until he had moved past the 1st room...I had genestealers coming 3 ways..Lorenzo drops a couple but goes on guard and purposely moves into close combat...bad dice kill Lorenzo on the resulting combat (turn 3 or 4) With no command points, my build the horde strategy pays off, I am drawing lots of #3 blips..I know have all the available Genestealers models on the board, the BA are trapped between the two hallways and the 1st room filling up with stealers from the south..the game quickly ends, over by turn 5, maybe 6.

( a true suicide mission, Sgt Lorenzo was drawing big command points early, (5's and 6's)
he then overcommits after a few quick kills and is killed...the dice got the better of Bill on this one, losing your Sgt early is clearly game over. The BA had maybe a 1/2 dozen kills before going down on this one.)

All in all a good 1st delve into Space Hulk, Mission 1 is extremely hard for the Space need to fend off stealers as you move and get Zael into the hallway toward the launch control room , while covering all the rear approaches, easier said then done. Uses the flamer to block passage ways you cant cover.

Result- Genestealers 2- Blood Angels-0

Next time Mission 2, "Exterminate" with Photos.


King's Standard Bearer said...

man it sounds exciting. I cant wait to get a game in. I think the GW in Chester are having a few games tonight so I might go down to do some painting and watch... give me an idea of how to whoop my GFs ass when we play it

Bill Lim said...

Exciting indeed. I was the "Bill" in the game. The biggest thing I can say is that, while the objective is not that far away it pays to play a lot more cautiously than I did. John did a great job as the BAs, slowly, methodologically advancing. He got a bit unlucky at the end.

Myself on the other hand...I wanted to try a rush strategy. Bad dice, but overall this is probably not the way to handle this mission anyway.

Great game John, and a good write up, I think you captured the frenetic pace, and sense of closing doom closing in very well.



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