Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Space Hulk has landed!

My copy of Space Hulk arrived yesterday.. despite my 3 year old literally freaking out at the big colorful box thinking it was something she could play, I had to pre occupy her with something else and then squeak in WFB game with my pal Chris before I could get chance to thru the contents around midnight last night. Everything holds up to what has been stated before, no need to rehash the awesomeness of this box set

Couple quick links

Arcadia Prime going over the box contents- I was going to do the same thing but this fellow here beat me to it and did a fine job.
Akozz with some serious inspiration linkage to lots of 3D terrain for Space Hulk, do some bookmarking here if your getting back into SH you won't regret it.

I started putting together my Terminators last night and here is some good modeling advice be careful..these models are made with a different plastic than the standard 40K models I own. It is much more brittle and you need to be very careful clipping the bits and drilling out gun barrels sprue points are often small attached very detailed bits..while I am being overly anal I am sure you want to take your time assembling these and not accidently damage the models. I am going to be painting my soon, and am waiting on the new Space Hulk issue of White Dwarf due anyday that has ton of SH info, and painting advice. I'll have more to offer on Space Hulk once I get it assembled and a get some games in shooting for this weekend.


Greg said...

You haven't gotten your White Dwarf yet? I got mine over a week ago. Gotta love the way they ship the magazine.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

yeah, for over a year I used to get mine before everyone else, before as in freakishly early..but for the last 3 months I have been mine getting later than even the store..its a bummer. Something changed in the distribution around here.

The Hammer said...

Glad to hear your copy arrived, John. I ordered mine and had it sent to the store. Now I can't get it 'til the weekend. WTF?!? I bought it - it's mine - everyone else is receiving theirs!! Jeff wouldn't let me have it when I stopped in yesterday! ARGGHH!

Akozz said...

To bad my copy of space hulk will have to arrive to shop and then they will send it to me :P What's funny that shope is like 10 minutes walk from my place. I guess we are in one team The Hammer

Thanks for linking me :) however link is not working :P

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Hey Jeff

yeah they cant release it thru the store until the official release date Saturday..I knew that was going to happen and last time I had a new release sent to the store (the Empire Book) they sold my copy!!..(they more than made up for it thou it was all good but still)So I had it sent to house to save the headaches

Anyway cool to see of bunch of us own this..well have to get some games in hopefully you can free up a tuesday night one of these days we do some WFB and Space Hulk

John@Plastic.Legions said...

@Akozz..fixed that link...thanks


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