Monday, December 28, 2009

Gaming Resolutions 2010!!

Ok guys, hoping to see alot more of these out in the blog community, I posted my results for 2009, here are my resolutions for 2010. I'm going to keep expectations lower this year as I only managed 4/10 for 2009, I hope you all did better. Here's my wish list for 2010 in order from the seeming easiest to most difficult to accomplish!

#10. No more new games!!!...and I mean it Games Workshop..I'm not counting Board Games this year

#9. Get my next WFB Army, painted to a level where it is competitive for Best Appearance and at least to 2250 with some options. Choices are WoC, Lizards and VC..I need to settle on one and do it. my goal here is ready by next fall, for all the fall events.

#8 Finish my freaking Daemons, they are close..and I might run them at Adepticon in the WFB championship, given the way comp works this year...It's all about the paint..I could finish them in
a couple weeks..if I just sit down and do it.

#7 Finish up a bunch of loose models for my Empire army...I want to bring a bunch of new models to Adepticon for the Warbands tourney this stuff is always good.

#6 Get my act to together to get out of town for an overnight to one of the many great regional events here in my area. Midwest Rampage is the likely candidate.

#5 Run another day long campaign event for Legend of the High Seas, play some Legends of the Old West..and play some more skirmish games, including LotR in general

# 4 Run a day long 6000 point Legendary WFB battle and my place with fully painted armys
and with full bat reps and photos for the blog

#3 When the new WAB rules get some of the horde of models I have together and play some games..even promise to paint some!

# 2 Finish my Osgilath table..too long in the making...the Hirst tiles are painfully slow due to my lack of making time to cast..the table itself is seeing alot of abuse and may need to be redone,
This is my primary terrain project for 2010..and I am going to try very hard to limit myself to getting this done this year.

# 1 OK, I have a Flames of War army sitting around in boxes (Brit Paratroopers) and all the rules books. Find the time to get this together and play a few games!


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

That's a hell of a set of goals there.
1 fully painted WFB army
1 fully painted FOW army (maybe?)
finish DoC
finish Empire
finish gaming table
maybe get some Ancients painted

That's a full painting schedule for 2 year!

John@Plastic Legions said...

Well...I dont hope to get FOW painted just built to maybe play a few games...yeah its tough..but anything over 4/10 is a win!

ZeroTwentythree said...

#10. No more new games!!!.....I'm not counting Board Games this year

That is totally cheating. Not counting boardgames gives yourself a way out. ;P

BigLee said...

Good luck with the resolutions! I'll be posting mine on friday and I've limited myself to four achieveable items.

Felix said...

How do #10 and #1 coincide? You KNOW you'll want more once that army is painted.

Conspyre said...

British paratroopers, huh? If I ever get my 82nd Airborne up and running, and we can have the "jumping out of airplanes invitational".

ahschmidt said...

Yeah guys, get your FoW stuff done!! :D I've got some Germans that are getting uppity.

On the flipside, this will mean that all of my opponents play some kind of paratroopers... groan.


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