Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mighty Empires VI- Round 1

Players and Scores after Round 1

5- Orcs and Goblins- Anthony
3- Wood Elves- Chris
2- Warriors of Chaos- Rich
2-Dwarfs- Billy
2- Vampire Counts- Bill
2- Warriors of Chaos- Aaron
2- Empire- John
1- Lizardmen- Nate


Orcs and Goblins- All or Nothing
Wood Elves- Survey the Battlefield
Warriors of Chaos- Praise be to the Oracle
Dwarfs- War Tax
Vampire Counts- No Guts, No Glory
Lizardmen- Scouts
Warriors of Chaos- Land Grab
Empire- Heroic Battlefield


Orcs and Goblins VS Lizardmen
Massacre- Orcs and Goblins 7EP (+2 All or Nothing)

Warriors of Chaos (Black) VS Wood Elves
Draw 2 Ep each

Dwarfs VS Vampire Counts
Draw 2 Ep each

Empire VS Warriors of Chaos (brown)
Draw 2 Ep each

Great first night of the new campaign, my opponent got delayed do to work and we had to schedule for next can see on the map what been updated so far, round 1 will be complete soon!. Round 2 is Tuesday 12/15!



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