Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mighty Empires VI -Round 3

Players and Scores after Round 3

10- Orcs and Goblins- Anthony
6- Warriors of Chaos- Rich
5- Wood Elves- Chris
5- Vampire Counts- Bill
4- Empire- John
3- Warriors of Chaos- Aaron
3- Lizardmen- Nate
2-Dwarfs- Billy + 60 gp 1 Ep Raid


Orcs and Goblins- All or Nothing
Wood Elves- Survey the Battlefield
Warriors of Chaos- Heroic Battlefield (Arcane Monolith)
Dwarfs- Land Grab
Vampire Counts- No Guts, No Glory
Lizardmen- War Tax
Warriors of Chaos- Building Boom
Empire- Raid- Orcs + 260gp!!!


Orcs and Goblins VS Dwarfs -Fog of War
Massacre- Orcs and Goblins 7EP (+2 All or Nothing)

Warriors of Chaos (Black) VS Warriors of Chaos (Brown)
Massacre WoC (Black) 5 EP

Wood Elves VS Empire
Draw 2 Ep each

Lizardmen VS Vampire Counts
Massacre-Vampire Counts 5 EP


There only three unoccupied hexes left on the map after 3 rounds!

Rich wins Arcane Monolith in Heroic Battlefield..its worth 1 EP to his EP total

John bought 1 EP with gold from the Orc Raid had somehow overlooked he already built the fishery week 2, so screwed himself out of 2d6 X10 gp...he use the extra EP to upgrade to a castle.

2nd Generals available for-
Orcs and Goblins
Warriors of Chaos (Black)
Vampire Counts
Wood Elves

please post them on the forum..


Adam said...

How exactly does mighty empires work? I've been thinking of doing something like this for 40k.

Do all players have to play once a week to keep it flowing?


John@Plastic Legions said...

Well if uts 40K you're looking for check "planetary empires" by GW its the same thing set up for 40K..

it really depends how you set it up
in regards to time and keep things flowing at a even keel
the same number of players, playing with the time frame of a given turn
week, bi-weekly, monthly- whatever
is best..

ahschmidt said...

Man. I need something good to happen next week. Ouch.


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