Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mighty Empires meets Warbands

Alot of us in my local area are excited about the Adepticon's dual AM/PM Warbands event for Warhammer Fantasy on the opening day. It's great alternative to the "Biggest Hammer" event for those that can't meet the hobby requirements (3K painted), or are just looking for something else Warhammer to do that day. As a primer I've decided to take the Adepticon Warbands rules and incorporate them into our Week 5, Mighty Campaign. This Tuesday we start the second half of our 8 week campaign, and no better way to break things up than throw the regular rules aside and play a 4 game tourney that evening with 500 Warbands, These warbands represent small scouting parties for each Empire who are out to make small land grabs where they can on a map that is currently almost completely contested. We have software doing the pairings for us and will also be posting open lists on our forums. Games are on a hard 55 min time we should have no problem getting the 4 games in. The reward of course will be Empire Points (1 for each victory) and I threw a few soft score caveats so everyone can feel like the won something.
there is an extra point awarded foer being fully painted. and points award for Best theme/Comp and Sportsmanship ( considering we are all pals these are simple favorite list and favorite game votes) The board turn I am allowing up to 6 Empire points won that round to be used against any one player you defeated in the tourney..this could potentially really shake the board up, and give lagging players a chance to get back in...we'll fall back to our normal Mighty Empires rules week 6, but this a fun alternative and great primer for Adepticon. Expect a full write up the day after the event.


Anonymous said...

A great idea. I really like the Warbands rules, and GW has let them slip away into obscurity. Thanks for the link to the Adepticon rules, which are essentially the GW rules without all the fluff.


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