Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mighty Empires VI -Round 4

Round 4 @ Plastic Legions HQ 1/12/10

Players and Scores after Round 4

9- Orcs and Goblins- Anthony
6- Warriors of Chaos- Rich
6- Wood Elves- Chris
5- Vampire Counts- Bill
5- Empire- John
5- Lizardmen- Nate
4- Warriors of Chaos- Aaron
2-Dwarfs- Billy


Orcs and Goblins- Diplomacy @ Chaos (black) Wood Elves- Survey the Battlefield Warriors of Chaos- Scouts Dwarfs- All or Nothing Vampire Counts- No Guts, No Glory Lizardmen- Raid @ Orcs + 150 Warriors of Chaos- War Tax Empire- Disaster @ Anthony


Dwarfs VS Orcs and Goblins -
Draw 2 Ep each

Warriors of Chaos (Black) VS Lizardmen
Lizardmen- Solid Victory 4EP

Wood Elves VS Empire
Draw 2 Ep each,

Warriors of Chaos (brown) VS Vampire Counts
Draw 2 Ep each

Continues to be the Campaign of "Drawn Battles" my round 3 rematch of a Draw was even a closer draw with only a 30 pts difference!!

The Orcs and Goblins were raided and cursed with Disaster, as a result the lost an Empire Point!

Big win for the Lizardmen, allowing them to climb to the middle of the pack

For Round 5 we have planned something totally different- round 5 will be mini 500 point Warbands tourney where everyone will send a 500 point scouting party out onto the map, each player will play 4 games and the rewards are of course Empire points! - more soon!

The current map with many custom markers from the guys

Somewhere well into the evenings games..



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