Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Battle Report. - Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2500

5/18 @ Plastic Legions HQ

Five of us regulars met for our Bi-weekly club night last evening. Rich came by with all our new shiny WAB books he had group ordered for us and the other four of us threw down some Warhammer. The plan was to prep for the Mid West Rampage tournament this weekend. MWR is a 2250 tournament with 5 games however games 2 and 3 are 2500 point games with a 250 point Dogs of War float. This is what we wanted to test out. I have never used my Braganza's Besieger's it's my only DoW unit that's what I was going to field. Billy and Chris played Dwarfs vs Wood Elves with Pirate Slayers and Volands Venerators as their DoW...I had Braganza with the Empire against Aaron's Warriors of Chaos with a unit of Ogre Ironguts. Below the batrep from the game, my second try with Battlefield Chronicler. Unless we have all painted models on the table, I'll probably start defaulting to this for Bat Reps.. Aarons heavily themed Chaos army is so converted and custom's a shame its will probably only be primed for the weekend...I'll reserve photos of his awesome work until he gets some paint on them..but for sneak peak check out his blog Xenite's miniatures for a look at his awesome work.



Warriors of Chaos, Cult of Slannesh 2500 (Mark of Slannesh- MoS )

CL - Chaos Lord on Manticore, MoS, Crown of Command, Diabolic Splendor
EH- Exhalted Hero, MoS, Shield , Glaive of Purification, Steed
Sor- Chaos Sorceror- Tzeentch, Lv 2, Disc, Homunculus, Dispel Scroll, Power Familiar

CW1- 15 Chaos Warriors, FC, MoS
CW2- 15 Chaos Warriors FC, MoS
MH - 5 Marauder Horse
CH1- 6 Warhounds
CH2- 6 Warhounds
CK- 5 Chaos Knights FC, MoS
CC1- Chariot, MoS
CC2- Chariot, MoS
MC- 12 Chaos Cultists (Marauders)
OG- Ogre Iron Guts- Dogs of War

WPS 17

Empire- Army of Talabecland 2500

GEN- General of Empire- Helm of Ratslayer, Holy Relic, Pistol, Great Weapon
WP-Warrior Priest- Icon of Magnus, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon
Wiz( red)-Wizard, Level 2, Rod of Power
Wiz (white)- Wizard, Level 2, Seal of Destruction.

SWD- 24 Swordsmen, FC
Mil1- 9 Free Company Detachment
Mil 2-9 Free Company Detchament
HG- 10 Handgunners, Marksman, HLR
Xbow- 10 Crossbowmen
FreeC- 10 Free Company , FC
CAN- Great Cannon
KTS- 5 Knights of the Inner Circle, FC, Steel Standard
FAST- 5 Pistoliers, Outrider with Repeater pistol
VG- Helblaster Volley Gun
ST- Steam Tank
BZB- 13 Braganza's Besieger's (crossbows) Dogs of War

WPS 17

Aarons level 2, uses the Lore of Tzeentch, his spells are Flickering Fire and Pandemonium
I have on Level 2, with the Lore of Fire, he has Fireball and Fiery Blast
My other Level 2 has the Lore of Light, he has Burning Gaze and Phar's Illumination

WoC Turn 1

Aaron wins and chooses to go first, His plan is engage me ASAP to avoid my heavy shooting. He keep his Lord hidden from y artillery but moves everything else up as much as he can. His Magic Phase starts with Pandemonium on "14", I go Seal of Destruction right away hoping to get rid of that nasty spell for the game, no luck. I roll a "1" ..its Dispelled this round but still in play.

Empire Turn 1

Given ample targets for shooting, I move my Flagellants to draw those nasty knights away from my General and his block of Swordsmen, my Knight are poised to go left of support and the Stank moves up to protect my right. In magic Phase I try to burn up some warriors the left with little result, I do get 3 of 6 hounds on the right with a Burning Gaze causing them to flee.I then unload alot of shooting, my Cannon overshooting one Chariot but popping the over, Crossbows shoot up and kill 2 Horsemen on the right and 5 of the 12 Marauders on the left side. 1st blood goes to the Empire!.

WoC Turn 2

Aaron's brings the fight right away, both his Chaos Knights and Ogres charge my Flagellants His Hounds charge my General and Swordsmen and my Detachments counter charge. He positions his other units, moving his Exhalted hero and unit of Warriors up my left flank. with right flank serious softened from my last round of shooting, he starts pulling everything away from my right flank. Aarons Sorcerors miscast takes a wound and the magic phase ends. In Close Combat, Aaron mistaken does the combats in the wrong order, allowing me to crush his dogs overrun and get a detachment into that combat with the flagellants to hopefully to buy the tarpit an extra round and divert some such luck...still take 11 kills on the Flagellants and the Detachment runs away taking 4 losses..those Knights and Ogres are locked up for at least one more turn.

Empire Turn 2

I decide not to run my Knights into that Ogre and Chaos Knight Combat and run down those remaining Marauders..they almost escape but thanks to the Steel Standard they dont., My knight are now behind Aarons lines and out of sight of his Lord, a good place to be. My Swordmen, marchblock move 4 inches ahead. Not sure where the warriors are going I bring my Pistoliers out and hope to get some Feigned Flight happening. I then bring the Steam Tank over 1 inch away from the Chaos Knights (who are Frenzied) so once they get out of that Combat with my Flagellants they must charge the front of the Tank. Magic is uneventual. My Cannon misfires and it a malfunction so no shooting until turn 4. I put a ton of shots on that second chariot but can't get the "5's" I need to damage it. Braganza and the guys keep shooting up the Chaos Warriors with the Exhalted Hero headed their way. In Close Combat my Flaggies take 8 kills, which free's up the Knights and a lone crazed madman keeps the Ogres held another round.

WoC Turn 3

Free of the Flagellants but again Frenzied, those Chaos Knights must charge my Steam Tank I hope my 1+ armor save can keep me with enough wounds to grind them down on my turn. Both Aarons Lord and Chariot go for the easy kill Charging my Pistoliers..I was going to run and I wasnt really expecting the Lord to charge them, just the Chariot..since I would be running away from the Lord and not the Chariot..I endangered my whole right flank to panic checks if I ran that way so I held and the got wiped out, leaving greasy spot where the Manticore stopped to feed on them as the Chariot just rolled on thru. Aaron Exhalted Hero has a long Charge so he charges out of the unit to take on Braganza's Besiegers solo, He challenges Brazanga..whose got good stats WS 5, BS 5, but has only a 5+ armor save and easily dies to the Chaos Hero. However the unit has a good static res. rank, standard, outnumber, plus I am on a hill..and the Hero loses but makes his break check. My Stank ends up only taking one wound from the Chaos Knights.
It could have been worse.

Empire Turn 3

March Block, Aaron can't get his second unit of Chaos Warriors out of range of a Flank charge from my General and Swordsmen, I try to bring the Detachment along but they within range of the Manticore and have to make a terror check, they fail and run away. My Knights turn around
to run threaten the wounded Chaos Sorceror, and my Fire Wizard gets out of the away of the oncoming Warrior unit headed toward my Cannon and that Exhalted Hero. Again not much luck in Magic..the Fire Wizard tries to get those on coming chaos warriors..either gets 1 or just fails
(don't recall) , The Light Wizard tries to fry the chariot but again I can't wound. I dont have any shooting target this turn and in Close Combat, that last Flagellant dies and my Swordmens crush those warriors with the flank charge, they need snake eyes from the combat res and run, they do get away and I am a 1/4 inch short of hitting Aarons Sorceror. Having some bad runs with the Steam Tank getting greedy for Steam Points I am only bidding "saftey steam" this game..good enough..I kill two of the 5 Knight but they hold against me. The Besiegers no fighting without their namesake, win combat against the Exhalted this time, but he holds.

WoC Turn 4

That second Chariot of Aarons in now in my backfield and being a real pain, it charges my huntsmen, and I cant getway so I hold. His Chaos Warriors minus the Exhalted charge my Cannon, and His Lord on the Manticore charge my fleeing detachment and kill it but its puts Aarons lord under the nose of the Helblaster. Aarons Sorceror goes for a Flickering Fire on my knights with high roll but I stop it with a high roll., Aaron Fleeing second unit of warriors rallies. In combat the chariot crushes my huntsmen and overruns right into the other detachment I have back there...This Chariot is Aarons MVP for sure, His Warriors obliterate my Cannon Crew whose demise causes my Red Wizard to panic and he fails and runs away. Aaron's luck runs out
with the Besiegers thou..he loses combat to them and this time runs..he easily gets away with a high flee and pulls the Dogs of War Crossbow off the hill in pursuit.

Empire Turn 4

My General and Swordsmen Re-engage the rallied Chaos Warriors, my Knights Charge the Sorceror who flees and I redirect into the Ogres., My Fleeing Wizard, rallies and my other wizard moves back to cast at the Chaos Lord. Magic goes nowhere for me this round, and the big shooting event is my Helblaster barring down on Aarons Lord. For whatever reason my Helblaster has Aarons number everytime I use it against him..I get 22 shots , 11 hits and 7 Wounds..all wounding...Kill the Manticore outright and put two wounds on the Lord who lives but is now on foot. My Swordmen break his warriors again who flee almost off the board exposing their flank to the oncoming Besiegers. My tank gets a good grinding roll off and kills the Chaos Knights off and has Seven Wounds remaining..enough to be mobile. My Knights dont fair so well against the Ogres I kill one, but lose two of my own Knights and the Ogres hold.

WoC Turn 5

Aaron's Chariot now free of my second detachment, charges my rallies Wizard caught between Chaos Warriors and Chariot I run and die. Again Aaron Warriors Rally for another round of combat with my General and Swordsmen. The Chaos Lord charges my other Wizard..trying to get out of LoS of my HelBlaster and not run into the line of fire of my other shooters, he succeeds. My Knight stick with the Ogres and again, and there isnt much of a magic phase,
The Exhalted Hero has rallied unwounded, tries to find somewhere to be useful.

Empire Turn 5

Both General and the Besiegers charge the remaining Warriors who run off the board My Knights Kill the Ogres, and survive with 3 of 5 left, my Steam turns around and goes after that damn chariot and in the process the Engineer in the Stank uses his repeater pistol to shoot down the wounded Chaos Sorceror, got to love the versatility of the Steam Tank, My Wizard throws a Burning Gaze at the Chaos Lord who laughs it off. there are Army objectives in this game mirror whats going in the actuall tournament..I could find anything in Battle Chronicler to represent them (although you use a Unit called "objective:) they were not really relevant here so I left them out. anyway my Free Company moved out to capture one.

WoC Turn 6

Aaron's last gasp, His Exhalted Hero rear charges my General and Swordsmen hoping to get lucky, doesnt loses and doesnt matter as he wont get a chance to rally, but he rolls 3d6 and gets and 11, I roll 2d6 and roll "boxcars" catching him anyway, that's how this game went for Aaron., His Marauder threw some axes at my Free Company killing one and his Warriors stayed put on the hill, Aaron moved that chariot so the Tank could charge it and not the Warriors who are worth alot more points.

Empire Turn 6

We didn't finish my last turn as it was clear I had won and it was getting late. If the game did continue, I could have charged my knights at the Warriors on the hill hoping to get them below half or just Stank was definitely hitting that chariot, Shooter target those surviving horseman where they could to try keep Aaron from contesting that quarter, and that's it. As it ended at the top of 6, I had 3 quarters and a bunch of Banners, despite appearance all my expensive stuff was still on the table, and I only took 630 in pretty clearly at least a Solid Victory..for the Empire. Aaron played a great game...he's hasnt been playing that long and is steadily improving..we are looking forward to great time this weekend..I'll a few comments on Rampage overall before I leave on Friday.

Aaron sent me this morning, just to remind of what he thinks of my Helblaster.
This is by Wayne Kemp of the Heelanhammer Podcast. Awesome and Hilarious...
We'll have to get Aaron his own Helblaster!


Anonymous said...

I like the completeness of the battle report, but I can't say I prefer the maps - I prefer your pictures. Painted minis or not!

By the by - a unit of artillery can never panic another unit when destroyed - it isn't unit size 5!

Best of luck at the tourney!!

John@Plastic Legions said...

Doh, that's right!..there was alot of panic going around, and I over looked that! good practice.

Kasper said...

Great report of an interesting battle - I enjoyed reading it, and do think the maps are great. But some pictures would provide greater enjoyment :-).
Best regards,

Trollhoer said...

I really enjoyed reading that one. Congratulations on the victory! :)


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