Friday, May 14, 2010

Dogs and Lizards

I've been up to bunch of stuff lately but lets start with a Warhammer Update. Here we have Braganza's Besieger's a Dogs of War Crossbow unit that's filling the the required 250 point float for the upcoming Midwest Rampage Tourney which is just 2 Saturdays away.

I won this unit at Core Competency 2008, they were initially painted by someone else. I've added 3 more so the full unit is 13 men. I did the banner first, then started touching up the shields by the time I started on the new models, I basically had redone the whole unit..cleaned up the freehand and picked out the missing details. This is cool unit, a Regiment of Renown. They are standard Crossbows but with a 3+ Saves and Braganza himself is tough BS 5 and 2 wounds

Just the command group and front rank is pictured here, the rest of guys are drying up and need another shot of dullcote..I'll finish them on Saturday. More on Midwest Rampage coming soon. We have some practice games set up this coming tuesday and I'll try to squeak out a battle report and see how these guys do.

So with lots of 8th Edition rules up the air, I haven't been able to make a ton of progress on my Lizardmen. Here however is my test Saurus Warrior. I have 45 of these guys to do..So I am really just trying to figure out if I do them all this way, or change each unit up with a different color scheme. We are still in the planning stage here. I'm somewhat out of my element having worked on Human figures for so long..its going to take me a bit to hit my stride with the Lizards.

Not quite sure about the spear tip yet....I'm not planning on using any metallics in this whole army, Ideally all workable materials are going to be stone or bone, trying to work in some NMM's ...were I can.

Here is my first Stegadon, again not sure if this is going to be the Engine, my other Ancient or the Standard Model..really depends on how the other colors come together. Plan is paint all the Stegadons first then once I figure out the the howdas and characters, The next one is going to Grey, Dark scales working up to a light belly and face..not sure on the 3rd on yet.

Once we get some concrete info on 8th Ed and I get this next tourney out of the way, I will be digging into these guys seriously!.


Kuffeh said...

That is some great looking stuff. I really like the look of the lizardmen, the stegadon especially. The green tone you've used for him makes it look like a proper dinosaur.

Greg said...

Perhaps do an obsidian effect for the spearheads? It is a lot more common in the actual source cultures, and speaks to the more technologically advanced nature of the Lizardmen over, say, Feral Orcs. It would also be a good contrast to the more neutral colors of the lizards.


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