Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"X marks the Spot"

Since we've been on a serious WFB only kick over here for quite awhile, we opted for a change of pace last night and played some Legends of the High Seas. Rich and Chris both ran Pirate crews and I ran my Spanish Privateers and we played two 3 player games, The first was the now classic LotHS scenario "X's marks the spot" which is where 6 tokens are placed on the board each with a hidden number under it. Only one is the actually objective (the treasure) so you roll a D6 to see what number your digging for after the tokens are placed so the rest are just false leads.

The problem with the scenario is as luck would have it someone always seems to find the treasure at the token closet to them. After the treasure is discovered you need to move it off the board thru you start location. Since you cannot move and fire muskets in LotHS..its impossible to close long distances or shoot down an enemy escaping with the objective if you are more than 18"away at the start of the chase. This is unpredicable but all too common result leads to some disappointing games. I've played some awesome knock down drags outs, of "X marks"
but far too ofter the games a dud.

Which is why Rich and I came up with our own scenario, Prisoner Escort, similar to "X marks" its starts you in a position to where you'd be in that scenario AFTER you dug up the treasure. Meaning the Prisoner starts in the center of the top of the movement phase roll a scatter die and a D6 that's where the prisoner moves until captured, and which point you need to escort the prisoner off the board alive. After an anti climatic "X marks" last night the Prisoner Escort was a blast/ Chris Pirate Crew caught the prisoner early, much gunfire and combat was had, Chris's entire was KIA, except for his Quartermaster and Wounded Captain who finally said "forget this!" left the prisoner and ran off the board (Captain failed his rout test, then Quartermaster did the same) That left Rich and I to fight it out over the prisoner, it was too far for each of to escort so we drew swords and got busy. Unfortunately I was out number, taking unlucky a early casualty, and leave two men with muskets to guard our retreat when the time came they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. My Captain valiantly fought on after we had broken but eventually was beaten, Rich's Sea Dogs, winning the day!.

All in all a good time, much talk was also had about WFB 8th edition over Negro Modelo, Lemon Soda and Diet Coke.

We plan on getting some Legends of the Old West happening soon!

LotHS, get more interesting with the more terrain you have..I had decent amount out last night for our games with this small town with some tree's, the watchtower, etc.

My Spanish Privateers below..note I have guys with Muskets in the building guarding them
a tactic that tends to work very well, as Privateer Merc hit on 4+ which is the best non character shooting you can get.

Some old shots of Rich's awesome Ruined Pirate Castle set up on my Realm of Battle
These shots are from last year, I realized I hadn't posted these before. Just an example
of what great terrain can do for game like this!.


Trollhoer said...

What a beautiful table with terrain you've got there. I love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Good lord - is that someone's basement? How many gaming tables are down there? Nice tables - glad there are others that take terrain seriously. There's so much crap these days...

Anonymous said...

Good lord - is that someone's basement? How many tables are down there? Cool shit!

John@Plastic Legions said...

@ Battlemind.

Yes that's my basement,there are currently 5 tables down there
2 -4 x 4's 2 -4 x 6's and a 4 x 8
more tables than our closest GW...LOL!

Tim Kulinski said...

Okay, you know I am going to post when you start playing my game! I like your alteration to X marks the spot, nice going John.

It sounds like your playing X with more than two players. When this happens it does tend to get boring since someone usually will be close the the treasure. Another idea is to group the markers closer together in the center of the board, this will make it more bloody and a lot tougher.

By the way John, we need to start thinking about the LotHS Campaign for Adepticon 2011. I happen to have one of the Old Glory large ships (Pirate Hunter) and Hank is willing to donate the other one for us to use as a board for one of the tables (Boarding Action).


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