Sunday, December 19, 2010

Plastic Legions in Flames!!!

Game 1 vs Aaron Panzer Grenadiers, forgive the crude map, but its all I had time to whip up to illustrate how the Red Devils pulled this one off basically collapsing the defending flank and digging in so the tanks could capture the objective.

Flames of War, that is. So at the prodding of both my pals Aaron and Jason, and my new fascination with 15mm. I finally got my act together to put my FoW British Para Troopers together. Coinciding with the release of Battlefronts, new Late War D-Day books it was perfect timing. while I've got close to 1500 point assembled, I've played my 1st -two non-tutorial games, at 1000 points. Here is my current list at 1000 points right out the new Turning Tide Book.

1000 Pts - British Parachute Company
1 Company HQ
2 SMG team (command, 2iC)
2 PIAT team
1 Sniper

3 Parachute Platoons
1 HQ Section
1 Rifle/MG team
1 PIAT team
2 Rifle Squad
2 Rifle/MG team

1 Parachute Weapons Platoon
1 HQ Section
1 Rifle/MG team
1 Vickers HMG Squad
2 Vickers HMG
1 Parachute Mortar Platoon
1 HQ Section
1 Rifle team
1 Observer Rifle team
1 Mortar Section
2 ML 3" Mk II mortar (Smoke Bombardment)

1 DD Armoured Platoon
3 DD Sherman (Tow Hooks)
1 M3 75mm gun (Stabilizers; Smoke)
1 Co-ax MG
1 Hull MG (Hull Mounted)
1 Firefly VC (Tow Hooks)
1 OQF 17 pdr gun (No HE; Semi-indirect Fire)
1 Co-ax MG

Game 1 vs Panzer Grenadier company 1000 points
(not too well versed on the specifics of the German lists but its was something akin too)
4 Panzer IV's
2 Platoons of Grenadiers (3 Squad)
1 Weapons Platoon MG 42 (1 section)

Scenario was "Encounter."

It was just one of those games for Aaron, you can on the starting positions on the map I had more infantry and mortars on the board while just had a large platoon dug in around his command post, and the HMG platoon bunker up in the ruins. I slowly advanced my first platoon up to top of the forested hill. while 2nd Platoon brave MG42 fire to assault the ruins. I got lucky with Mortars and was inflicting serious pain, plus I put my Sniper out..I got lucky and killed one of the MG 42 squads early so I had face way less dice. my first reserve in was my HMG platoon, they came in the middle, and didnt do much but advance. The german first reserve was a smaller platoon, but Aaron forgot about my observer and they got mortared bad and pinned down. my second reserve was another platoon, that came on where I wanted them and double timed it toward the ruins as well. The German second Reserve were the 4 Panzer IV's who went straight for my mortars who were just pounding the German infantry. Aaron has some bad dice and came up empty, The infantry units continued to slug it out the entire MG 42 platoon getting wiped, the pinned down platoon getting shot up and breaking. Last reserves where my Firefly and Shermans..who came in right where the Panzers where..I was able to easily move my Firefly and one the Sherman to flanking positions plus I had 3 PIAT teams right there.. PIAT's bailed out one P-IV, and my Tanks destroyed the other 3, the last crew running off. Aaron brought on his last reserve platoon to surround my Objective and started moving the 1st platoon over..but it was too late. My next turn I rolled my tanks up on my Objective..and his third platoon, and shot him up bad,while hitting the moving platoon with HMG fire, Mortars, etc. Not a good day for the Germans, I must say thou -Aaron dice were hating him.

Game 2 Vs Panzer Company 1000 points
8 Panzer IV (HQ , 2iC)
1 Support Platoon with Flamethrower.

Scenario was "Breakthough

Next up I played another Panzer Company this time, 8 Panzer IV's and 1 Platoon with a Flame thrower unit. ".a similar map with two hills in the same location as the first game with the ruins in the opposite quarter and tree's where the ruins where first game. I had all my troop on the board in two opposite quarters...while Jason had 5 Tanks and his infantry platoon on the table..with 3 Panzer IV's in reserve. The 5 Panzer's IV rolled up on two of my Platoons surrounding the one of the hills.and I had one wiped to the last stand right there, my other fell back into the ruins, with my weapon teams falling back to the hill. My Mortars where totally ineffective this game. but my Third Platoon moved and dug into the forest in the German table quarter where the objective was and waited for his reserves to come in. The flamer thrower team, missed the mark (I got real lucky there) and I had my guys assault the Germans which went pretty well, it was back and forth type thing, where even HMG fire and my Sniper I just couldn't out the last two stands out of the ruins...but I kept that platoon alive in there as well. The 5 Panzer IV's came around behind the hill with the Weapons teams were killing a command and PIAT team. but I got lucky and popped one Panzer with my Firefly from max range soon after and brought my other tanks out of cover. German Reserve Panzers then came in and Assaulted my guys in the forest..he killed two teams but I had two PIAT teams in there and with Tank assault 3, my Counter assault attack destroyed all three Panzers. Then it was a straight out long range tank battle...4 vs 4..I got lucky and Jason missed his shot or or I saved them...Jason not so lucky I popped two more Panzers on my turn, and Jason failed his motivation test to stick around and the last tanks left the field. it beginners luck and I am sure these guys were taking it easy on me the FoW noob but I really am digging this game and will continue to keep playing it, I am already working on my own Terrain look for more Flames of War here at Plastic Legions.



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