Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WFB -Daemons vs Empire Battle Recap

An older photo from my DoC in 2009, they haven't changed all that much remaining somewhat in a state of being unfinished.

Not a full bat rep and no real photos, but just interesting recap of a game I played last night. As previously mentioned I've been a bit of a WFB hiatus since October, but definitely had the itch to dive back in lately. My friend Jeff was over with his Empire horde style army, and I didnt feel like another Empire vs Empire match up, and I saw my dusty Daemons over on the shelf. I had not tried of game of 8th with DoC and it was all the motivation I needed to give it go. Oh how the mighty DoC have fallen! Out of Habit..I went with a 7th ed style list based on what models I have around..certainly wasnt optimal, but I thought could get the job done. heres how it went

Daemons of Chaos

Herald of Nurgle, Level 1 Wizard, BSB w/ Sunderin Banner, Staff of Nurgle

15 Bloodletters, FC , Skull Totem
15 Bloodletters, FC , Endless War
15 Daemonettes, FC Siren Standard
19 Plaguebearers FC Seeping Decay

4 Nurgling Bases
5 Fleshhounds
2 Bloodcrushers
2 Beasts of Nurgle

The Empire

General of Empire
Wizard Lord - L4 Lore of Life
Warrior Priest
Captain - BSB
Battle Wizard- L1 -Lore of Beasts
Master Engineer

60 Spearman
Detachment 30 Swordsman
Detachment 30 Swordsman
30 Flagellants
5 Pistoliers, Champ w/ Repeater Pistol

Great Cannon
Helbaster Volley Gun

Jeff didnt start playing Empire until 8th ed, so while his list seems unconventional from my perspective, it works for him. We played the Meeting Engagement. which has the diagonal deployment and only a 12' neutral zone, I had my Nurgle herald, with the Plague Bearers right across from the big block of Spearman, with Skull taker and 15 Letters off one Detachment, the other unit of Bloodletters was off the left of the other detachment with Nurglings in the woods directly across. My Daemonettes where there to soften up the Flaggies, and my Fleshounds and Bloodcrushers on one flank heading straight for his artillery and my 2 Beasts on the other, going after loose wizards...small units etc..

I knew combat would arrive quickly so I wanted my Daemons to punch thru one detachment early and get around to rear change the big block..Everything else I had was on the Flanks. The battle really boiled down to dice and not rolls, (while Jeff did have quite the hot streak) but the sheer number of dice that jeff massive units allowed.

Game Highlights

My flankers with Leadership 7, kept failing there leadership and were getting marched blocked, I was a turn or 3 late getting to the backfield, the Helblaster inflicted serious pain., wasted most of unit of Letters, and killed one of the bloodcrushers.

The Level 4 Wizard died in turn 2 or three due to miscast. the level 1 and priest still keep me on my toes with magic due to Daemons are insulated against offensive magic to an extent, but for buff magic I was reliant just on what ever dice I got with just a level 1

Skulltaker and crew ..ripped up one detachment, but overran off the board costing me a key turn to help out the engaged plaguebearers

Plaguebearers with just a regen only (no addtional ward in 8th remember) didn't save them from instability with big combat res's. My shit dice didnt help for kills, not a single poison. also I miscast my second attempt with Staff of Nurgle and it crumbled..only one Racid Visitation

Jeff's General has the Speculm, which is big pain in the butt...not to mention he managed to make a couple parry saves against killing blows.

Empire failed no Fear checks..with BSB redunancy.

Daemonettes did a great job of handling the Flaggies, while I died, I easily ate over 20..making the remaining ones manageable.

Locked in a challenge once with the Empire General with the Speculum, Skulltaker could not close the deal with Jeff making his parry save against killing blow on more than on Occasion..I made plenty of Saves as well considering the general with my strength was Strength 7.

The Spearmen horde simply put of too many dice against the single attack Bloodletters with a +5 static res, the Daemons didnt last long again instability checks, I was making plenty of checks at negative (below 0) combat resolutions.

Daemons were Massacred.

I'm not used to the Empire massacring 7th I won very few games against DoC and ones I did simply weren't massacres..while I had some bad luck, somethings are clear about DoC in 8th

-You need Tzeentch, more magic and magic defense against buffs is key.
-Nurgle isnt so durable any more
-Hordes of 30 are almost a must.
-Fleshhounds still rule but you need more than 5.
-Daemon Prince Caster definitely an option (in lieu Greater Daemon still not being allowed
in alot of events in these parts..) There is alot more but that all I have time for.

I'm finding the now handicapped Daemons alot more interesting now that they arent so over the top- something to think about. hats off to Jeff on a great, and fun game with lots of ups and downs.


Conspyre said...

"In lieu of Greater Daemons still not being allowed in a lot of events around these parts"

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes event organizers to figure out that they're still trying to enforce comp that barely made sense in 7th, much less in an entirely different competitive environment- and whether or not they will, or if they'll just consider it revenge for the beatings everyone took from the Daemons last edition.

Nick said...

Ward saves and regen... =points wasted now. I have Grom for my O&G army and his ward save from niblit is useless now, unless someone flaming attacks him.(rare)
then there's the regeneration discipline for my slaan...totally worthless now since he has a 4+ ward standard.
But what can be done? Just don't take those troops?

Thomas said...

deamons are still doable, hoardes og letters and plaguebearers are super tough.

40 letters with hatred is nasty, and 40 plaguebearers with a palaquin herald is asswell due to the insane number of poison attacks.

hope youll do some more empire and deamons battle reps...they are interesting :)


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