Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution, Smezolution.

Continuing the Escher theme, don't be like me, and let your resolutions be your stairway to nowhere.

There comes a certain point when you do the New Years Resolution thing, whatever they may be, that your continued failure will become comical, so comical that continuing to even do them is pointless outside of the potential comedy of your own failures. We have reached that point here at Plastic Legions my friends. Without further adieu here my recap of my 2010 resolutions and how I made out. I always list them from the supposed 'easiest" to accomplish to the most difficult so lets review in the same order.

2010 resolutions

#10 No more new games!!!...and I mean it Games Workshop..I'm not counting Board Games this year.

Not counting board games was a total cop out and I only bought one, but I failed none the less, I picked several skirmish type rule sets and bought a ton of 15mm sci fi well other generic fantasy figures for skirmish games and a entire metal WAB army. While I didnt buy much GW in 2010...I certainly bought more than I should when it came to the meeting the goal of the resolution- (cutting down the game budget.) I did coincidentally sell alot of stuff this year..but financially it wasn't close to a for the purpose of the actual point this was a FAILURE. Starting out with a bang, as you can see.

#9. Get my next WFB Army, painted to a level where it is competitive for Best Appearance and at least to 2250 with some options. Choices are WoC, Lizards and VC..I need to settle on one and do it. my goal here is ready by next fall, for all the fall events.

Oh boy, I am shocked how far I missed the mark here, well I did settle of Lizardmen and the ones I did are some of my best work however..I have ONE flipping model 100% finished, the rest of a unit of 15 Spearmen sitting about 60% complete and a Stegadon about done, other than the base, and crew. Of course, yes, my mixed feelings on 8th edition have put the brakes on this for various reasons. but once again Total abject FAILURE, 0-2 next.

#8 Finish my freaking Daemons, they are close..and I might run them at Adepticon in the WFB championship, given the way comp works this year...It's all about the paint..I could finish them in a couple weeks..if I just sit down and do it.

ROFLMAO!!!.....I did actually play one game with them this year, it was just this month. What comes after total abject Failure?, Epic total Failure?, I'm doing the backstroke in a pool of it here.

#7 Finish up a bunch of loose models for my Empire army...I want to bring a bunch of new models to Adepticon for the Warbands tourney this stuff is always good.

Shockingly this is one of the few things that did happen, I also added around dozen models to my empire infantry including the new Bear model as a place holder. I also made a bunch of really great wizards for the flexibility of using different Lores in 8th ed..even painted a couple of them.
Those models I did for Adepticon, ended up getting me Best Appearance in Warbands, so this one is an actual SUCCESS!,

#6 Get my act to together to get out of town for an overnight to one of the many great regional events here in my area. Midwest Rampage is the likely candidate.

Yeah this happened, and we had a great time that weekend, despite the bumps in the road at the actual event. The other event I had planned to attend was a total washout...1/2 aint bad when so far we are at 60% Failure rate so far.- Call this a Mild Success.

#5 Run another day long campaign event for Legend of the High Seas, play some Legends of the Old West..and play some more skirmish games, including LotR in general

Never got around to running another event, didn't play any Old West, did play as much Lord of the Rings as I could and some High Seas and tried to get some other Skirmish games going, and did play a few other games, but not as much as I would have liked. This ones a WASH, didn't really accomplish the point, but there was enough other going on, that I cant call it a failure.

# 4 Run a day long 6000 point Legendary WFB battle and my place with fully painted armys and with full bat reps and photos for the blog
Talked about it, cool idea, never happened. We did have an 8th Edition gaming tourney that was pretty cool, but its wasn't this...maybe one day FAILURE

#3 When the new WAB rules get some of the horde of models I have together and play some games..even promise to paint some!

Ummmm....NO, I didnt get some of that Horde of models together...I went I bought a whole new metal army from Gripping Beast (see #10)...which I did base and prime and even painted one test model. As for the purpose of the resolution, No I didnt do squat with the tons of models I have using the built ones as proxys and unbuilt sitting on shelves...I did play a half dozen games and really like for the intent of this resolution, I'd have to say to I FAILED.

#2 Finish my Osgilath table..too long in the making...the Hirst tiles are painfully slow due to my lack of making time to cast..the table itself is seeing alot of abuse and may need to be redone,This is my primary terrain project for 2010..and I am going to try very hard to limit myself to getting this done this year.

When I wrote this I must have drinking, and drinking heavily, probably Tequila- because I always do crazy shit when I drink Tequila. This entire project was scrapped- not finished to its imagined glory, it died on the operating table. The table itself with the beach got the resin water section damaged thru years putting this that weren't supposed to be on it, on it. the city tile idea wasn't working out, it also took some flood damage. Then GW goes and releases a bunch of specific awesome terrain, that doesn't really match that stuff I had finished. The table was broken down and its being re-purposed...alot of the terrain is in the "what to do with it" pile. I'd like to do a 2 x 2 battleboard of Osgilath like my Pirate Dungeon for some LotR skirmish..but when or "if" that happens who knows..I can say with a 100% certainty this project is KIA. so I'll stop talking about it. an unmitigated FAILURE, hey that's the word I was looking for earlier!.

# 1 OK, I have a Flames of War army sitting around in boxes (Brit Paratroopers) and all the rules books. Find the time to get this together and play a few games!

Lo and behold, the most difficult thing on the list, and the one I never really thought would not happen, happened., I did get a whole 1500 point army built, based and primed. I painted 3 tanks and am working on the 4th and painted another 4 stands to completion. I even played three games! and am starting to work on a small table...I did buy terrain and the new rulebooks (again see #10), have to say it is the biggest success on the list, that probably required the most work. a Total SUCCESS!

So how did I do?, a couple good successes, a kind of success and a wash...if I scored it like a tournament I be 3-6-1 where one of my wins was one those games where you won thru no fault of your own. On the actual Success meter however, I am at a whopping 20%!!!! an Epic Fail i'd say. The biggest lesson I've taken out of all this is that trying to guess, predict, or schedule what you're going to do in your hobby 12 months out just takes the fun out of it, or even can suck the life out of it, so don't even try. In fact the most fun I had and coolest thing i did last year came to me on a total whim one afternoon, It was also the most challenging terrain project for me to date.

Needless to say no formal resolutions for 2011 from me. believe me, its not lost on me that the majority of my failure has to do with the game I have the most time and money invested in. All I can say for 2011 is that I will strive to paint more of the stuff I already have, play more of the stuff I already have, and stop buying stuff I never end up playing, -lets see if I can even stick to that.



Anonymous said...

This post really had me in stitches, I know exactly what you mean. I try to avoid resolutions nowadays, since that means I can avoid doing posts like this one.

Happy new year, enjoy your painting and take no stress. Like a cousin of mine says: "Cancer - that's serious. War - that's serious. This? This is just a hobby."

-Mikko / DotL

Hobby Horse said...

My thoughts on the new year exactly! Good luck with whatever projects you take on, I have enjoyed your blog through the year, long may it continue. And remember not to beat yourself up too much. HAVE FUN.


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