Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dark Age Campaign Round 5

Round 5 of our Quasi Historical Dark Ages Campaign is tonight. Above is the current map of the world before the festivities. As you can see the Green of the Caliphate of Cordoda, led by the Mighty Almanzor is spreading across the known world as quickly as the plague. My Saxons got lucky with a minor victory against the Normans last week but since the results against all opponents are based on Scores in the games you play my winning score of '30" was no match for Rich's "40" so I continue to lose ground to the Caliphate. I face off against the Caliphate tonight and all my Map moves are against Green, with the hope of kicking them out of Ireland and England, and not losing any more territory. A bad round with a low score against Rich in which I face aggressive moves from the Normans could legitmately knock me out maybe not this round by next...with the position Aaron and I are in we not make the 8 rounds of campaign!. and he faces of against Chris and the Byzantines tonight!. So wish the underdogs luck.

Despite my only semi serious gloom and doom above. This campaign and Warlords Hail Caesar rules have been great time. We are going to be hosting Hail Caesar open gaming at Adepticon this year so if your looking for something to do Saturday Night or just want to check it out..please keep it in mind!


The Lord of Excess said...

Have to say that HC is a beacon of hope for me in terms of finding some mini gaming happiness in 2012 with my current group. I find what your pulling off with it very inspirational indeed! I hope to do something similar on a smaller scale. The group is currently doing some old west (the GW ruleset) skirmish and that campaign looks ready to wrap up for us in early to mid Feb. By which time hopefully several of us in our little group will have Celts and Romans ready to go. Thanks for the continued chronical of your campaign, its been interesting and again inspirational!

Anonymous said...

HC is a fantastic game. It takes some time to get used to, and I am still learning what works, and what doesn't, but it is the quickest, most fun ancients game I have played. The only down side is that you need a lot of units to play, which may not be an issue for some people, and there are plenty of ways around that particular problem.


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